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Their Suffering Is Real


This Christmas season take a few minutes and give a hug to those on Winter Break in your family who are not having “the best time of the year.”



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  1. Wow! These kids are paying four or five times what I did to go to college and they’re not having any fun! Homely, unhappy, entitled, and sulky, these bozos don’t even know what they’re missing! How about partying every night of the the week while taking classes that actually teach usable skills; and passing said classes staying up all night studying, then going partying again! And I’m not even mentioning football games. Sad and pathetic. College was fun and educational for me.

  2. Snowflake metaphor alternative: gypsum flowers

    Gypsum flowers are clusters of thin, fragile, needle-like gypsum crystals that grow in caves, in total darkness, with an environment that is just so: the right minerals, the right humidity, the right temperature, the right very light air flow. Any disturbance, a foot-fall, a human voice, even a breath, will make them to shatter. Any substantial influences from the outside world destroys them.

    Apt, yes? And I haven’t even mentioned the plays on words possible with “gypsum”!

  3. You little snowflakes should have done the Lazlo College plan:
    Work full time as a carpenter, do three hours of school a night practice three times a week with the band.
    Get up, drink coffee and go to work.
    Then use the weekend for homework and partying.

  4. Talk about things that inspire & increase Muzzie nut job jihadi recruitment
    – the Snowflakes increase their confidence that it’s possible to easily destroy Western civilization.

  5. They should try the University of Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Tank Hill Campus. It’s free. You even get paid, clothed, and fed.
    Lots of fun. Learn how to walk. Become a halfassed bad ass in three months. No crying allowed. Crying is a no, no!

  6. Who put me on the ice-cold pot, and made me pee when I could not?
    Me Mudder.
    Who said, you better stop that whining or I’ll give you something to whine about?
    Me Mudder.
    No wonder I’m all phucked up!

  7. Nope, I won’t give these ‘children’ any slack at all. They were ECSTATIC about helping destroy my country. I sincerely hope, as they go through life, they get exactly what they deserve.

  8. Uncle Al – That sounds like what we used to call Members of the Mushroom Club who would sit around in the dark constantly getting shit kicked on them. Later on, after got jobs and moved up in the company they still had their heads up their asses at which point we realized that the higher you go, the darker it gets (and smellier)
    Some things never really change…

  9. Old Oaks is into TOUGH LOVE. Good man. Crank it up a notch and march his ass down to the Marine Corps recruiter. As a former Recruiter, I can tell you stories all night long about spoiled whiney low lifes turning their lives around. And, many of those fine young men can tell you stories about turning their PARENTS around.

  10. Old_oaks/Judgeroybeam. I suggest the Army first. If the Army reject you, they usually suggest the Marine Corp, but never the Navy or the Air Force. I don’t know why. Hee, hee. At any rate it beats going to Harvard or Yale.

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