There Is A New Feminist Version Of The Monopoly Game That Pays Female Players More Than The Males

Hasbro is the maker. Sounds patriarchal to me.

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Hasbro will address the Patriarchy by instilling female-privilege into its iconic game.In a move that supposedly will empower women and is not in any fashion whatsoever pandering, it has been announced that a new version of the generationally popular board game MONOPOLY is getting a makeover (unless, it is sexist to say so…)

The new version is being dubbed “Ms. Monopoly’, and there will be new rules.The most notable change is that when women pass GO they will receive a 20% increase over the male players, receiving $240.00 each time they pass, while men are paid at the standard $200 limit. In addition, other changes will be seen, such as instead of buying properties you will be buying inventions created by women


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  1. Forget this ne version. I’d rather see a socialist version which taxes what income players received is taxed at 90%. Waiting in line for welfare payments, housing shortages, etc.

  2. Here is where gender fluidity comes into play. When your family breaks this out at the holidays who isn’t feeling like a female to get the benefits. And are the game pieces shaped like tampons, lipstick, perfumes and other typical female items?! Someone in the product division needs to get fired.

  3. Yes, real estate is too difficult for women, so Hasbro has chosen to go with something women know–women’s inventions. Included among these are chocolate chip cookies. Yup, ladies, you don’t even need to get out of the kitchen to leave your mark on the world. Ignore complicated matters like real estate transactions, stick to things you know, like baking.

  4. what if a male playing this game wins? … all the wymyns curl up in a fetal ball? …

    next up …. fag monopoly, reparations monopoly, LBQTLMNOP monopoly …

  5. Black lives matter version
    Honkiy cops not allowed to arrest da black boys so no need for jail
    Drug deals instead of buying property
    Welfare checks and food stamp so no need for bank
    Riots and looting instead of buying property and paying rent so no need for bank
    Hookers instead of paying rent

  6. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, unless you are wearing a miniskirt and low cut blouse!

  7. No real man would ever play a game called “Ms. Monopoly.” The original game wasn’t ever called “Mr. Monopoly.” They have segregated who plays what. Therefore, the 20% increase is meaningless since 100% of the players will receive $240 because no man absent soy drinkers will play. Under age boys won’t play either since the 20% difference is meaningless as he hasn’t worked a day in his life and totally unfair.

  8. Feminist chess, rules:

    (1) The knights are periodically out of commission because they’re pregnant.

    (2) Female players’ bishops are now called princesses and get all the same moves as the queens.

    (3) If the king dies or gets captured, it’s irrelevant.

    (4) First person to kill all the other player’s pawns wins.

  9. Me on X-Mas day:

    Opens present.
    It’s Ms. Monopoly.
    I carefully wad up the wrapping.
    Put it on the fire. Then toss in the game too.
    Then I allow the spirit of Sam Kinison to invade my body.
    I turn to toward the gift giver… and shout…


  10. Convincing girls to play a version of Monopoly based on a lie perpetrated by feminism, will sabotage their futures. Exactly what socialist want in order to destabilize society.


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