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There May Not Be Churches Left To Fight Gay Marriage

According to Pew Research there are two Jewish movements and six Protestant denominations that now allow same-sex marriage (though Pew is a little quick to lump all Quaker conferences together on gay marriage, they are not). It seems that if a church already accepts gay clergy then gay marriage follows right behind.


Just as other denominations have suffered splits and closures over gay clergy (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Presbyterian Church), the Methodists may be next to suffer from the one-two punch of internal strife over gay clergy and gay marriage.


Denominations don’t strengthen themselves by fracturing into ever smaller churches. With each split they become less relevant to society as members and clergy are lost and there are fewer congregations to share the cost to train ministers, conduct out reach, and spread their version of the gospel.

Prospective members are probably less likely to join a denomination that is on the decline and the challenge of shrinking membership may accelerate to eventual extinction of a number of churches that were once prominent in our communities. Each loss makes it that much more unlikely that citizens will be exposed to organized religion or the instilled virtues that the founders felt was fundamental to keeping the Republic.

But no worries, maybe some artist will be able to turn the abandoned churches into an art instillation like this example from D.C.

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  1. Pollsters lie as much and as well as the DemoRATS do! They ask a few random people some leading questions (it really doesn’t matter how they answer the results are predetermined) and magically that’s now what all Americans believe (heh heh or that’s what the pollsters customers want them to believe).

  2. Dear brethren, let me just start by seeing how many people I can piss off on the eve of July4…

    All the denominations are bullshit. Man-made crap.

    Jesus was a Rabbi. Yes, Hebrew. Not Protestant, Baptist, or Catholic. Jesus is a Jew. Read the Bible before you decide to start a church. Please!

    Preach the word of God from the Bible or the Torah or hit the road. Don’t add to or take away from the word of God or you will pay with your eternal soul.

    John 3:2
    This man came to Jesus by night, and said to him: Rabbi, we know that thou art come a teacher from God; for no man can do these signs which thou dost, unless God be with him.


    Thank you, and light some korans this holiday.

  3. Just yesterday I answered a poll about taxes. A few questions whether you agreed that rich people should pay more, do you believe in a flat tax, etc. Then a question: Which is more important to you
    1. The poor do not pay their fair share,
    2. The rich do not pay their fair share,
    3. Don’t know.

    I answered that the poor do not pay their fair share – then BOOM the poll was done.

    Gee, do you think they wanted me to say the rich?


  4. Not only was Jesus a Jew, but He apparently didn’t intend for His message to be preached to Gentiles, whom the Jews regarded as heathens.

    From Matthew 10:5:

    “These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter you not.”

    “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Matthew 10:7)

    More here:

  5. “Go not – Their commission was thus confined now, because the calling of the Gentiles was deferred till after the more plentiful effusion of the Holy Ghost on the day of pentecost.” – John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes on the Whole Bible.

    “The Gentiles must not have the gospel brought them, till the Jews have refused it. This restraint on the apostles was only in their first mission.” – Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible

  6. Is that what the Bible says,
    or are those John Wesley
    and Matthew Henry’s interpretations of what
    they think it means?

  7. If your church accepts homosexuality, flee it. It is filled with false teachers. You will not find salvation there. Heaven will not have unrepentant homosexuals there.

    The Bible is exceedingly clear about all sexual immorality. Sex is to be confined to the sanctity of marriage and homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. The condemnation does not come any stronger than that as Sodom can attest.

    Regarding SCOTUS, many things are legal that are immoral and sometimes moral things are judged to be illegal. There is nothing special about these nine tyrants in black robes. They are just as flawed and sinful as we are and have made and will continue to make big mistakes.

  8. Braden, exactly right, but the big mistakes I make don’t affect 320 million people. Big difference there. They will answer for it.

  9. If they embrace perversion, they are of the Church of Satan, not the Word of God.

    I know of NO religion on Earth that preaches: “Lick ye your shit off another man’s dick!”

  10. Who gives a rats what organized religion does. What do any of them have to do with the teaching of Jesus the Resurrected Christ.

  11. I found a terrific church (not perfect) that had a teaching pastor. Straight from the Bible. I loved it.

    Then he moved closer to the west coast to continue his Chinese ministry (God bless him).

    New pastor was ok until MN had a vote on homosexual ‘marriage’. New pastor refused to talk about it from the pulpit because “it might offend someone”.

    Last time I went.

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