“There Never Has Been A Concession”–Trump Unloads During Georgia Rally

Trump held a very successful rally in Georgia on Saturday. During the rally, he talked about voter fraud and the audit in Arizona.

9 Comments on “There Never Has Been A Concession”–Trump Unloads During Georgia Rally

  1. It was a great rally

    Loved how Trump acknowledged the fallen heros and paid tribute to them. 🇺🇸😢
    He also brought up the soldier 🪖 who saved the baby.

    Last but not least called Beijing Biden a SOB. 🤣

  2. Not sure what a concession means legally, but, if it does have some weight, it could be dynamite.

    PS gangignore2 is a troll named Jeffery.

    PPS I may be wrong, but that soldier is a Marine. Soldiers are in the Army. Speaking on behalf of Marines and soldiers.

  3. Any true estimates on the crowd size? I read one MSM article that said there were 2,000 people who attended and I figured they deliberately reduced it by 20,000.

  4. Concession would imply that Trump concedes that the election was legitimate and Biden got 80M legitimate votes.

    That is a ludicrous proposition on its face given everything we knew. What we know today is literally no more than the percentage of an iceberg that projects above the waterline. That being said 1/10th of what is known would be enough to declare the election invalid. 1/100th of what we know would give anybody who claims to respect Constitutional self governance in a representative republic reason to reject Joe Biden as legitimate.

  5. Everyone who did NOT vote in the election…
    Should contact the local registrar of voters to see if they were voted for.

  6. Golly my bad 😢
    Brought up the marine who saved the baby, fixed it.
    I wasn’t out to offend any of our valued armed forces please accept my apologies.


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