Joe Rogan Says Trump will Probably win in 2024

Joe Rogan: Trump will probably win in 2024, “The Democrats f*cked up royally” by making Joe Biden the President. – Story

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  1. If Trump does win, I hope he has learned his lesson that he cannot trust anyone in any branches of the government at any time. He must on Day one, Decapitate and drastically down size the FBI, NSA, all the intelligence agencies and especially fire every single government worker in the InJustice Department, Abolish the Department of Education, Energy, the EPA, on and on. We will not restore our Republic without a wholesale removal of the Deep State. He must appoint a Special Counsel independent of the Justice Department to investigate every single member of Congress and their staffers for criminal wrongdoing. He must remove the top layer of the military, he must bring criminal charges against the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Jarrett, Rice, Psaki, and all the other communists for the crimes of treason and theft that they have committed. And don’t forget the communist propaganda media. Revoke their licenses. Investigate Chief Justice Roberts, impeach and remove all of these commie judges.

    That is just a start. I hope Trump has learned his lesson.

  2. The number one Trump fan is Biden. He’ll ensure Trump wins. Just let him keep fucking up. Trump better win, he’s our only hope to wind back this Biden destruction. Anyone else will continue it, left or right.

  3. Won’t have elections in 2024 (whoa whoa)
    Won’t need no id’s nor voting sites
    Cause Americans won’t have rights (whoa whoa)
    (sorry to Zager/Evans fans)

    For those looking forward what makes you think elections will ever happen again since they got away with 2020? That dog won’t hunt.

    2020 must be overturned or those responsible removed/dealt with or it’s all just pooh poo.

    In the year 2025 will America be alive?


  4. ^^^ 1000x this! And then Trump needs to decentrilize DC. Move all those agencies out to the areas they purportedly “serve”!

  5. Junius, at this point is it even possible for Trump to have those plans carried out? Would these things actually be carried out as instructed? Would the fibbies voluntarilly leave? Or any beaurocrat? It would have to be a purge of epic proportions carried out by loyalists. Charges brought before what judges?

    This cancer is in every cell of the USA body and only God can correct this. And when it happens the world will see that only God could have done it

  6. The left is terrified of Trump and his followers so much so that they are doing everything in their power to put him in prison and accusing us of being the greatest threat to democracy and domestic terrorists. Not tactic however evil in nature is beyond the left.

  7. There will be no 2024 election
    The last election was stolen and the constitution means nothing.
    No laws or courts will permit the truth.
    Evil has a grip on this nation so pray to Almighty God for protection.
    The general public loves Demoncrats.

  8. Trump did not fully appreciate the death of the corruption that pervades the deep state as well as media and education. He done got his ass schooled and when he is where he belongs, back in the White House he will be a lot less gullible on that front. He will also recognize and appreciate the depth of the wickedness and evil he is dealing with.

    It is funny how a guy who was so much closer to what these subhuman pieces of shit are capable of did not recognize it to the degree that most of us who post here regularly figured out a long time ago. I guess “couldn’t see the forest for the trees” applies here.

    I believe am kinda kicking around the idea that what went down leading up to the triumphant return of Trump had to happen. One thing I can say without reservations and with personal experience is that people who had considered my remarks regarding the absolute subhuman depravity of the followers of the progressive movement are a hell of a lot more open to consider my conclusions as valid and in a lot of cases are totally in agreement with me, when their option used to be that I was way over the top in my condemnation of every last fucking one of the followers or supporters of that Satanic shitshow.

  9. The nihilistic totalitarians will not allow it.
    The Republic is corrupted beyond repair.
    The descent into the maelstrom will accelerate.
    The forces of Evil are Hell-bent (literally) on destroying every last vestige of human freedom and dignity.

    Of course, there may be some deus ex machina in the wings that remains hidden.
    (the theatrical use – not the theologic – for God will do what God will do)

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. “For 23 yrs I lived in a Communist Country! It’s easy to be a Communist in a free country. But try being free in a communist country! You can vote your self into a communism, but you have to shot your self out of the Communism, like I did, through bullets I defected communist regime!”
    ― Beta Metani’Marashi

  11. Rogan is kind of an idiot. He’s a bernie bro. Commie moron.
    Trump will never be president again.
    If you think cheating was bad this time, how do you think it’ll go if he ran again?
    And please don’t talk to me about “laws”. Commies never obeyed a single law they didn’t want to.
    I’m almost at the point where I think Trump is in on this scam. He’s gonna beg us to be peaceful until the cage is shut.

  12. Charlie on water… God doesn’t care about us.
    How many prayers were muttered in the lines for the gas chambers?
    He’s not gonna lift a finger to help us, and you’re part of the problem if you sit on your ass waiting for someone else to save us.

  13. Trump is NOT part of the Deep State, in any way. Have you forgotten how they harassed members of his family, with constant insults, subpoenas to Congress, investigating their tax returns, etc. That includes Ivanka, Jared Kushner, Don Junior, Eric and Lara, and even comments and slurs against Melania and Barron.
    Add to that the attempted discredit of his supporters, especially Rudy Giuliani, and Roger Stone, the person whom the FBI broke down his door in the middle of the night and sent to jail Add to that the pervasive censorship on all of the social media platforms, the MSM, academia (not allowing Conservative speakers on campus), and adverse rulings n the courts for Conservative positions.

    Also, the added fact that Trump did not take one thin dime as salary when he was President…. his family and supporters went thru HELL and the MSM still obsesses about Trump and his cohorts. They KNOW the 2020 election was a colossal FRAUD!

  14. I would PAY to watch Trump PISS all over Turdeau AGAIN.

    I just left the grocery store.
    UNHOLY SHIT the effect of CARBON TAXES & NO OIL EXPORT WEAK DOLLAR POLICY. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$^^^^^^^^^

  15. the correction will be epic and Biblical.

    If not, we are truly living in the Tribulation and only True Believers in Christ will be calm, the rest of you will be shaking like hookers at a revival meeting.

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