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These People Make Me Sick

Not the men disrupting Drag Queen Story Hour, they’re heroes, but the people who organize and bring their children to these events. Watch

How the media frames this story also turns my stomach. Here and Here

Mark Dice explains what the left hopes to accomplish with this narrative. Watch

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  1. Drag Queen Story Hours, just more of the slow tortuous death of America. Worst things are coming.

  2. Good for the guy who confronted those sick adults. We need more like him to push back against these freaks.

  3. Notice that the pathetic, jellyfish men who brought their kids to be groomed were too ashamed and cowardly to get up out of their chairs and push back. They know deep down how wrong this is. So do those dumpy, virtue-signaling shrews. But I’m sure the disruptors will be jailed and shunned for being the responsible adults in the room.

  4. I wonder how many of these library patrons show up for regular story hour? I imagine they’d still sneak in some woke children’s book even without the weirdo dressed up like a ‘hore.

    Watching the video I was wondering if the adults were wearing their mask to avoid COVID or hide their faces.

  5. Well, the propaganda that will eventually lead to the persecution of Christians isn’t going to lay it’s self.
    Media is getting a good start.

  6. As bad as communist Russia was and make no bones, it was hell on earth for ordinary people, I never saw the kind of child abuse I’m seeing nowadays.

  7. What we need to do with these freaks, is to keep associating men in drag with people who used to do blackface. Women need to start pushing back against men who stereotype women in such an obscene manner much like like they used to do when doing blackface.

  8. There’s no such things as hate crimes, they are a construct to give special rights to any group that leftists define as ‘victims’. Equal rights, not special rights.

  9. The Communist Manifesto calls for ending families as we know them. Calls motherhood a form of slavery. Outlines loyalty to the state instead of family.

    This evil behavior plays right into it.
    We need more real men like the guys who protested and disrupted.


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