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They All Look The Same To Some Hunters

Conservationist in New Zealand had to call off a cull of an aggressive species of bird that was meant to protect an endangered bird (that is down to fewer than 300).

Takahe birdPukeko2

Takahe                                     Pukeko

The takahe is flightless and therefore easy pickings. The pukeko can fly and has been encroaching on preservation land set aside for the takahe.

Hunters participating in the cull were told to only shoot birds on the wings.


Seems simple enough, If it flies it dies and if it runs on the ground don’t shoot it. Somebody didn’t get the message.

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  1. Shit. Typing from new device (which is why I haven’t been online in 3+weeks), and fucking spell checker doesn’t recognize “pukeko” as a legitimate word.

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  2. It’s an unnecessarily long story that involves the order of a new tablet online, a shipment gone awry,, their customer service reps in India, my utter failure to understand a word they say, the vendor, the United States Postal Service, and the UPS store where I get my packages delivered.

    Customer service in America is a Vietnam – level crisis.

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