“They are all going down.”

Joe DiGenova, former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, laid out his expectations for the future of the FBI / DOJ get Trump conspirators. “They are all involved, they are going down. And people don’t like to think about this, but James Comey, strzok, Mccabe, they are all going down on the FISA warrant stuff. That is not even in question.” More

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  1. so …. does Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown one more time?

    … maybe I’ll wait for a pronouncement from ‘Q’….

    cynical? …. you bet!

  2. No shit, show us some blood. If anybody thinks we will take care of the bad guys after the midterms are over I’ve got news for you. We lose the House and we have two years of gridlock! I’ve got about one week of patience left, then I’m not responsible for my actions.

  3. Anonymous is right. Did Bill Clinton ‘go down’ for his perjury or selling secrets to China? Liberals persist because they are loved in Washington. They might serve a few months at best. And write their future ‘bestseller’ book during the stay. They will be fine.

  4. Government scum never pay for the atrocities they commit, unless probation is considered punishment. Filthy, deviant, swinette plucking, bastards.

  5. President Trump’s biggest failure: didn’t “LOCK HER UP”. I’m past losing heart. Past apathy. Past Hope. Cynicism has taken over almost every ounce of my trust of anything government or justice.

  6. @jellybean ~ no, we haven’t been ‘conditioned’ by the BULLSHIT of the left …. we’ve become conditioned by the actions of republicans in power

    shit in one hand & wish in the other … see which one fills up the fastest


    …we haven’t been ‘conditioned’ by the BULLSHIT of the left …. we’ve become conditioned by the actions of republicans in power…

    Don’t look now, but those republicans are the left, too. Different flavor, but still BULLSHIT.

  8. In my fever dreams I look to see a list of names of those arrested scrolling down the screen. The riots starting already as half the past administration, and most of the top brass at the alphabet agencies are seen walking limbs akimbo as they get used to ambulating in belly chains.
    Then I wake for real and learn anew that the powerful protect their own

  9. Ive thought Trump is playing the long game. He can get more of these traitors talking if they think they can just walk. If this is true, we could wake up one morning to arrests of all these perps. I could also wake up next to Charlotte McKinney

  10. It ain’t over till it’s over. Have to let Florence blow out before anything can be released. Timing is everything.
    Have faith. P.Trump will not let this bunch of scum go unpunished, they have damaged him and they are going after his friends and family, he will get even in time.

  11. Just another example of the “Too big to jail” scenario that plagues our society. Time to throw these bastards out and replace with new bastards.

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