They Don’t Say “Eagle Eye” For No Good Reason

This is a great video.

A handler and his eagle attempt a new world record. An eagle was released from the top of the world’s tallest building in Dubai- 2715 feet.

The task for the eagle? Spot the handler somewhere on the ground and fly to him.

The cynic in me says that the eagle has been trained to find the giant red box the handler stands inside, not the man, but it’s still impressive how the eagle circles around scanning the landscape and how high up the eagle is when it spots its target, and the acceleration achieved once it does.

HT/ Goldenfoxx


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  1. Birds have incredible eyesight, they decoy from so far up that before you see them the dogs will let you know they are coming and as you watch for them to appear they will look like the point of a pin when they first appear.

  2. Pop Quiz: What’s the velocity of eagle shit when dropped to the ground from a height of 2715 feet?

  3. 15 Ozzs

    Those F-15s are a thing of beauty. About 18 years ago we sat in our rental car somewhere between Seattle and our day trip destination and watched take off and landing practice…at least 15 take offs in a short time on what seemed to be an isolated area for a strip.

  4. Great video. Especially cool the moment the eagle spots his handler, dips head forward and wings drop back and hits the afterburners.

  5. To focus for a sec…
    The Eagle saw it the moment it looked down
    Had to line up for a direct flight path angle down.
    He wasn’t peeking in windows.

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