'They have only chosen her to rub our noses in it.'

International Intrigue – This woman was named Russia’s top natural beauty, but somehow it’s an insult concocted by one government to either insult or make the other government jealous. I’m not really able to follow what’s going on. They may not be natural, but “you crane” your neck to take a look at them.

Moscow Boobs in Ukraine Bust Up

The Daily Mail

This Crimean model Maria Zarring was used to show what Ukrainians were missing out on..

But Ukranian commentators have accused Russia of choosing Maria only because they wanted to humiliate the Ukraine, and they are insisting that her boobs are not natural.

Moscow Boobs in Ukraine Bust Up

Kiev beauty expert Oksana Melnyk said: “They have only chosen her to rub our noses in it.”

She added: “Moscow is laughing at the Ukraine by claiming one of our own success stories for their own. But in fact she is not even a real woman.”

But model Maria says she wants no part of the bust up.

She said: “I am not interested in politics.”

Maria – who now lives in Moscow – used to have an office job in marketing but gave it up in 2011 when she won a TV wet T-shirt contest.


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  1. Why can’t we get this level of political sophistication in Colorado? If we could only get Pete Coors to run again, maybe we’d start seeing the Silver Bullet Twins more often. Instead, we gotta deal with friggin’ Mark Uterus and Gov. Hickenpooper. This sucks.

  2. Real, or FAKE?!?

    I call on all interested iOTWers to form an
    to mediate this matter. In person.
    Up close and personal.
    To give the human touch to sensitive political matters.

  3. The new Miss Emersome. as in emersome big titties ya got there. An annual event for OMBAC, Old Mission Beach Athletic Club and their over the line softball tournament in San Diego.

  4. She is deformed. Possibly self inflicted, no probably self inflicted.

    I really don’t understand the allure of deformities and these freaks are no no different than the proliferation of mutant massive antlered whitetail deer that are bred for their mutant antlers. They have little, if any, resemblance to wild whitetail deer and are shot on ranches that charge posers a small fortune to shoot one.

    Shooting one of the damn things is as challenging as walking up to an old milch cow and hitting it over the head with a sledge hammer before sending it off to Hygrade to be made into Ball Park wieners and no one is fooled into thinking someone with one on their wall has achieved much in “bagging” it.

    When some knothead has one of these mounted as a trophy whitetail and hung on their parlor wall they may as well go the rest of the way into ridiculousness by wearing a rubber nose and pair of big red shoes to go along with their farmed retard “trophy” whitetail and low IQ, silicone titted and spray tanned “trophy wife.”

  5. So, Joe Biden gets that 3 AM phone call from the pentagon wanting him to get over there NOW….he replies “But, but, but I have somethin’ warm and sexy laying next to me right now and I don’t want to leave her alone”…..pentagon staffer replies….”don’t worry Joe, you can blow her back up when you get home after the meeting”

  6. Look at the third photo in the Daily Mail article. Her hands are on a desk and she is showing you her cleavage. Don’t bother with the cleavage — it’s fake. Look at her hands. Specifically the middle and index fingers on her right hand. They are extended perfectly for you to see. Hold up your own right hand, back toward you, fingers together. Men, you will see that the index finger is noticeably shorter than the middle finger. Women, you will notice they are close to the same length.

    Now, look at her right hand again. Disregard the length of the finger nails. The tip of her right index finger is just about to the cuticle of her middle finger. As it is on all MEN. You can see it is similar with the left hand.

    Adam’s apples can be removed, breasts can be augmented, tummies can be tucked, tushies can be rounded, noses can be smoothed, lips can be feminized, winkies can be whacked, but inserting extra bone into index fingers (or removing it from middle fingers) does not produce good results and is something that is done next to never.

    That’s a man, baby!

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