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They Went Medieval

A video has surfaced showing the Israeli military using a trebuchet, a medieval mechanical siege weapon, to launch incendiary materials towards territory controlled by Hezbollah.

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  1. But is it solar powered? Wind? We gotta make sure all our weaponry is green, and I’m not talking about OD.

    Honestly, I love this story. Trebuchets are simple and effective, and with consistent ammo can be quite accurate. Well done, IDF troops!

  2. The Israelis could use a trebuchet to hurl some pigs at their pisslamic enemies. Flying pigs away, take that you murdering bastards. Or casks filled full of pig fat, pig offal, pig urine etc. to spatter all over their enemies so that they won’t go heaven (it’s really Hell) and claim their 72 sturgeons.

  3. You know, boys will be boys the world over!

    I hope they had fun lighting the brush on fire that their enemies use to sneak up to the wall to fire their rockets farther into Israel.

    If you happen to light an enemy on fire, double points!

  4. As RAHeinlein said (I think it was in “Starship Troopers”),
    “There are no obsolete weapons, only obsolete tactics”.

    Now we (US) need to build some so as to re-patriate the illegals back to their home countries. Or at least give them a “boost” in the right direction back south across the border.

  5. How long before our government is supplying the Israelis with multi billion dollar, solar powered, computer controlled trebuchets assembled with Chinese parts by Raytheon Corp?

  6. Nuclear powered trebuchets would be even better, as long as they have nuclear warheads. A most up-to-date version of Greek Fire.

    IDF artillery officer: Let ’em have it boys. Get Some, Get Some.


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