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Ukraine Rejects Putin’s Peace Terms

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There isn’t going to be a deal made between Israel and Hamas any time soon, but at least we can hope for a peace settlement in Ukraine, right? For a brief moment this week, it began to look as if that might be a possibility. A group of world leaders are preparing to convene in Switzerland to discuss the terms of a possible ceasefire. When Vladimir Putin was asked about the meeting, he gave a rather surprising answer, saying that he was prepared to “immediately” order a ceasefire in Ukraine if certain conditions could be met. That hopeful state of play didn’t last very long, however. As soon as he was informed of Putin’s comments, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Foreign Minister immediately shot the proposal down, labeling it as “absurd” and “manipulative.” So it appears that we are back to the drawing board and there may not be any point to holding a peace conference in Switzerland. (NBC News). m o r e

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  1. I’ve read multiple articles that say the U.N. said no deal immediately after Putin’s offer. WTF? The U.N. hates Putin because he won’t sign on to the NWO.

  2. One of Putin’s conditions was Ukraine shut down its money laundromat for American politicians, so of course it had to be immediately rejected. Does anyone know of anything produced by Ukraine besides wheat and corruption?

  3. I know it’s convenient shorthand, but using a country name instead of the names of people in official positions tends to insulate those people from the responsibility for their words and actions.

    “Ukraine” didn’t reject anything. Zelenskyy and Kuleba, and the members of the cabal, rejected the peace feeler from Putin because of one thing: Putin insists on Ukraine never becoming a member of NATO. Unfortunately, NATO membership is an important part of the money pipeline that benefits NATO countries who aren’t currently getting enough graft (enough for their gluttony, that is).

  4. @mod:

    Does anyone know of anything produced by Ukraine besides wheat and corruption?

    Unfunny comedians who play the piano with their dicks and who are megalomaniacal crooks. So far, there’s only the one, but he’s a real humdinger.

    Oh, yeah, corpses. Ukraine has been producing a lot of corpses.

  5. “Oh, yeah, corpses. Ukraine has been producing a lot of corpses.”

    That’s why they’re bringing back the draft. The U.N. stated a couple weeks ago that it wanted U.S. troops in the meat grinder. Two weeks later we’re bringing back the draft.

  6. And, Putin is done with our Dollar and commandments from our FED on world money markets.

    We should be done with the FED and tying our dollar to a newly formed and authorized “Bank of the United Stats” and precious metals. First, however, we need to abolish the “United States Corporation.”

    None of this is going to happen while I’m alive. Maybe my grand kids will do it…

  7. Sounds like a repeat of Yassar Arafat & the Israelis.
    Yassar never wanted whatever olive branch the Israelis (and the US) were offering, he only wanted the never-ending intifada, power, and dead Jews.


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