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The Lipstick Index

An economic downturn may be on the horizon as a result of rising makeup sales, so says the “lipstick index,” a barometer reminiscent of the groundhog’s shadow.

In 2001, Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder coined the phrase “lipstick index” for the company’s performance metrics. He hypothesized that women bought lipstick as “small pick-me-ups” during the US economic slump because they couldn’t afford more costly purchases. Lipstick sales surged 11% during the time.

Ladies, is this true?

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  1. I think it’s plausible. Color/fashion changes and a new lip color is easier and less expensive to stay current with than new clothes.

    Keep your lipstick from way back and it’ll b on trend again in a few years! 😆

    L’Oréal isn’t my brand. I use ELF. Good quality and budget friendly.

  2. Pick-me-ups for the LBGTQ crowd:
    Lesbians-tattoos and butch wax
    Bisexuals-AC/DC generators
    Gays-lipstick (preferred color brown)
    Trans-counterfeit parts
    Queers-rosy red dipsticks

  3. I much prefer the beauty of a natural woman (no trans, no faggots, no how).
    That being said women can do as they choose, if it pleases them and those around her. Some make up enhances beauty other detracts.

  4. The only “makeup” I use is lip balm, especially in winter when it’s dry. Not the “looks like you’ve been chewing on a pork chop” lips, just plain old chap stick kind. Oh, I do like a certain brand that has watermelon flavor.

  5. I quit wearing makeup 15-18 years ago. i felt naked at first and then got used to it. Before that i loved luxury brands and bought mostly Chanel at the old downtown Cleveland Higbee’s (think a Christmas story). Brun Marin and French Fawn i think were the names, red and a neutral. I see they want $48 for one now so forget it. I use O’Keeffe’s tubes or Vaseline tubes now sometimes Burt’s Bees.


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