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WH Proclaims International Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 15, 2023, as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  I encourage all Americans to be diligent, work together to strengthen existing partnerships, and develop new opportunities to improve our Nation’s prevention and response to elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. More


Now it’s time for America to confront the Abuse That Dare Not Speak Its Name: elder abuse. And the victim is none other than President Joe Biden. More

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  1. Bidentia – A devastating condition where a severely compromised dementia patient is used for political gain by a select few “handlers” working in the background. All the while, the patient is lead to believe he is cognizant and “important”, and is presented to the public as “legitimate”.

  2. …they werent too worried about elderly abuse when they locked the elderly in the nursing homes after stuffing them chock full of Coof patients, nicht wahr?

    …but heres the sort of more ordinary, but more horrifying, elderly abuse that goes on if youre NOT a wealthy, powerful Democrat. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, record everything you can and demand an accouting for every bruise.


    …oh, and FJB. Whatever happens to that demented neurosypiliptic pedophile can never be bad enough to even come CLOSE to the agony he deserves for what he inflicted on others, not even if hes scourged in the flames of hell for a thousand years.

  3. Jill Biden is a total whore in every sense of the word. She has about as much integrity as Adam Schiff. So she’s living large and enjoying her fantasy as “Dr. Jill”, all while exploiting an old man (not that he doesn’t deserve any misery anyone could bring into his treasonous life).

  4. Is this effing real? Are we all, every one, cartoon characters in a R Crumb joint involving Mr. Natural and — you know who– my gosh! Perhaps The Freak Brothers, Norbert the Narc??? Whut, what is going on? It’s like the orange and purple microdot kicked back in thirty five years later… and just as groovy by the way, no microdosing for us’ns we go the whole 75 micrograms or bust baby… Hen’s teeth and blotter for as far as the -eye- can see!

    Is the article real tho????

  5. Perfect declaration by Dementia Joe. Ironically, he has no clue he made it.
    Doubt he still has the ability to comprehend what he reads or can still sign his name properly.

  6. The Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) re-election ads I’m seeing for my region have shifted to scaring the elderly now. They started with trying to appeal to the working class, then fentanyl family survivors, followed this last month with an appeal to diabetics and now trying to put fear into elderly. It’s like they can’t comprehend the impact Joeflation is having on people on a fixed income.

    So, yes, the people running the WH are completely tone deaf and lack any ability to self-reflect. If they had had those skills, they would have never gotten into democrat politics in the first place.

  7. Jill (whispering): “Joseph Robinette, don’t you ever forget that every day is ‘Elder Abuse Day’ if you don’t do as I say. Now go tell Karine you need a diaper change.”

  8. I agree with everyone who thinks this is to raise our ire. They want us to react like they would by rioting and causing mayhem. They really have no clue who we are. We are NOT them.

    But when they do push us too far, it won’t be riots they will be dealing with. If they had studied what led up to the Revolutionary War, they would know. And they would be more terrified than they are now.

    Way more terrified.

  9. Claudia

    Very few people seem to understand “US”. The politicians don’t. The elites have no clue. When things finally go sideways it will be asymmetric engagement and F15s will be useless because you won’t be able to find us. We don’t riot.


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