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They’re Still Rioting In France

Blackrock’s offices were ‘targeted and torched.’
It’s a mostly peaceful protest.

CTH: The labor unions are trying to maintain the momentum against French President Emmanuel Macron’s unilateral decision to raise the retirement age.  However, despite nationwide majority support, on the 11th day of a national strike there are fewer protests disrupting commerce.

On the positive side, the offices of Blackrock were targeted and torched.  So, we know the focus is generally on the right multinational target.  Meanwhile, President Macron is in Beijing, China, getting slapped around by the panda paw. MORE

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  1. The “mostly peaceful” riots need to continue on into the Muzzie Quarters, do some burning and cleaning out there.

  2. Heh, they voted for that, just like we vote for our demise. It takes a Revolution to fix it. Isn’t the first time governments have screwed over their citizens. History is there for a reason.

  3. Salty Cures

    It takes many lifetimes plus upto 18 (but 36 is probably safe too, 48 even but probably popsickle sized by then) months to make a good ham. A good ham needs a good bread. **and Onions and Olives and Mustard and Tomatoes and Potatoes and Vinager too. Pane Alte Mura for best results,

  4. The frogs are awaiting their chance to surrender – Maricon just hasn’t phrased it properly.

    The frogs’ll get it in the end – both ends – Maricon on one end and the ragheads on the other – they’ll shed a few tears and then decide that they enjoyed the whole routine (just like us) and that it’s all for the better. Ass doesn’t hurt for long and after you brush your teeth everything tastes minty again.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Yeah, don’t mess with French vacations or retirements. And don’t screw with their food. And really, don’t visit them. They don’t like nor approve of you! But it’s okay to burn parked cars, though, and invade the country with hordes of inbred, Islamic idiots. (Have I left anything out? Oh, yeah. They eat “brioche” for breakfast. Have you ever eaten brioche? It’s pure starch with no food value. It only looks like bread from a distance.)

  6. No guarantee that they know WHY Blackrock SHOULD be targeted, but still nice to see the cannon pointed in the right direction for a change. Notice how they don’t just burn down their own neighborhoods to “get back at whitey” like so many other protesters do. Keep up the pressure French folks.

  7. I’m waiting for Macron to say “Let them eat cake!” I don’t think the French have it in them to do anything but riot. Big whoop. They’ll be left in ruins like Seattle, Portland, SF. Has anyone died from the riots yet? Google incidents of civil unrest in France. They have centuries of civil unrest mostly due to tax revolts. The French are well experienced at revolts, and look how many they’ve had! Hundreds!

  8. @General “Ahah!” Malaise: I get ads all the time from cruise lines to go to Europe, practically for free. Got a cruise planned to Alaska, that’s about as far away from my home as I want to be. Visiting foreign countries isn’t one of my itineraries, I see enough foreigners on my home soil. They can’t read, write, spell, or do math, they’re here to change sheets, mow, blow and go. They’re here to vote Demoncrat.


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