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Think Hillary Will Take the Hint?

Four days after being re-elected to a 5th term as head of FIFA (the international soccer association), Sepp Blatter stepped down. Blatter is quoted as saying just days ago “Why would I step down? That would mean I recognize that I did wrong.”


Apparently after the arrest last week of a number of soccer officials on behalf of the U.S. Attorney General, the noose was starting to close in on old Sepp when one of his underlings was caught making a $10 million bank transaction that is being connected to the earlier bribery cases.


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  1. Sorry to say, but FIFA is second in corruption to our elected in the halls of government. Heck even the township heads, past and present, around here are either already in jail, indicted, or under investigation. The only difference seems to be the amount of money sloshing about for fingers to grab.

  2. That’s what Blatter gets for thinking he is in Hill-Billy’s class of evil. He hasn’t bought enough protection from Me, yet. Of course, the protection ends when I find a better tool, or natural life ends.

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