This Article Needs To BE REPOSTED – How The Left Steals Elections – IOTW Report

This Article Needs To BE REPOSTED – How The Left Steals Elections

Read about it HERE.

It’s so easy to do. It’ll blow your mind. And no one cares.

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  1. This knowledge is getting spread more and more widely. How long until there are enough who will resist accepting the results?
    Brazilians are certainly showing the way.

  2. You will feel like a PHD.

    What a BitCoin is is Childs Play compared to what they are running on the ‘Big Databases’.

    Nitcoin is so easy but not one person yet has come forward to say exactly what a bitcoin is.

    That is why I know this story is True.

    I know what a BitCoin is digitally and I know that what is described in this election story is 100% foable with the right admin panels and overseer portals.

    Do you want to know More?

  3. If this shit is going to be fixed it will be in Maricopa County real soon. 73% of the votes came from Republican voters. And they stole it. Kari Lake has some pissed off voters. Every other comment on Instagram is “Take it to the streets”. I’m not holding my breath. We are screwed.

  4. The uniparty are co-conspirators and law enforcement of voter laws is non-existent. We are screwed until we…

  5. Because the GOP establishment is happier losing.
    They still get rich but don’t have to take responsibility but can complain as if they want to.

  6. At what point does something such as this done purposefully become mail fraud?

    Not that anyone would give a shit about it when the communists are involved…

  7. “How The Left Steals Elections”

    I’m SURE I don’t know what you’re talking about! These were the most fair, free, open, and honest ekections EVAH!


  8. Just a hypothesis running upside the head of a closely provable theory that the Democrats would absolutely never have let Obama be president unless Biden (who came in 5th with 1-percent of the vote in 2008) became the vice president. Obama, was just a side-show distraction for guilt-laden white voters (but also, amongst others who were convinced Obama was the better choice [to be fair]), while O’Biden’s newly concocted role became Obama’s Dem-approved and directed” Democrat “voice” in his ear”.

    When Clinton lost in 2016, she immediately and uncharacteristically accepted the outcome even though she was ahead with the popular vote. Very uncharacteristic for ANY running Democrat to not vehemently challenge such an outcome (unless there was something that might come out, and too much of a risk, if investigated). I will leave the rest for others to explain the obvious.

    Then came the Wuhan disaster, which was a perfect crises to NOT let go to waste on “Progressive” absentee balloting schemes and to the unionized post office mail delivery system.

    No worries, however. Even O’Biden was not reportedly seen sweating over losing the 2020 vote. Anyways, he was mostly in his basement. No need to worry over the 2020 outcome…right? It seemed like he and other insiders knew something that no one else did or noticed, early on.

    So, essentially, if Biden intends to run again, in 2024, in a certain sense, he would become a president with four terms…basically a 16-year vacation while incessantly and rabidly ruining, decimating and eventually killing the life and soul of a once free and beloved Country.

    But then, that’s just an old and aging American’s opinion who has seen and heard just about enough of this dishonest election crap happening, which seems impossible to stop. But, MANY THANKS, for posting that article. I believe, this was one I missed.

  9. You puke punks can sit back & watch how the masters take control, next Georgia senate seat. We shot down “Butch” in Arizona. Hershel Herve Villechaize Walker will be on the next deplane otta here.

  10. So signature verification means nothing anymore?
    This is too important to let the city and county clerks do in private!
    Are Election Challengers allowed to see signatures?

    We need full time Election Challenger positions in clerks’ offices, preferably a LEO or two one of the two major parties.

  11. One thing I really noticed last election is how many female democrat judges with hisp. surnames in our county were elected with no contest.
    Aren’t any republican judges running for office?
    This keeps going, they won’t need to cheat.

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