This Article says We are Stuck with ObamaCare

ObamaCare started – will never be stopped

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  1. “Once you get the toothpaste out of the tube, it’s mighty hard to get it back in.”

    –Richard Nixon

  2. Ain’t gonna happen, BB.

    Look at it this way: Obama’s folks will have to argue,
    “Well, SURE, what we wrote into law and executed poorly really sucked, but that’s why you can TOTALLY TRUST US on making the WHOLE THING a Federal program!”

    NO SALE.

  3. I seem to recall everything the Republicrats tried to add or modify was shot down.

    Nice revisionist history on their part.

    I also hate to say it but there are plenty of people stupid enough to run with Single Payer (or politicians to ram it through anyway). BB is right, it is only a matter of time.

  4. Czar, I thinks it’s more of a case of “Obama care didn’t work because those nasty Republicans convinced everyone that it actually had been repealed. So nobody signed up. Darn, now we are forced to go to single payer”. It’s been their agenda all the way back to Hillary Care.

  5. OK…tell a liberal that Marriage is between on man and one woman and that is the law and we are stuck with, it and see how they react.

    Maybe we need to start shitting on police cars.

  6. @Lowell ~ Playing Devil’s advocate: WPA, Lend-Lease…

    But I get your point. Obamacare will not be repealed.

  7. Another progressive lap dog screeching “we won”, in a pathetic effort to convince people that there is nothing that can be done to stop the progressive disease.
    What they don’t know is the Tea Party of 2009 is more powerful than the Tea Pary of 1773. The momentum is picking up. We will eventually shift civilization one more step toward the “more perfect union” that our founders created.

  8. Bull shit! The govt will get poorer, the people will get poorer and drive them to the ammunition depot of choice. We’ll then have the single payer err bullet program put into place to solve the healthcare problem that never was.

  9. Seriously… Can’t we just start “thinning the herd” YET? I mean, it’s only the “compassionate” and “Progressive” thing to do. They’re all so miserable anyway, and they don’t believe this life has any higher purpose other than whatever “pleasures” they can experience between birth and death. We’d be doing them a favor by saving them from having to experience the realities and responsibilities of adulthood that come with old age. It’s inevitable anyway… Let’s just take Billy Ayers’ Weathemen plan and use it as the model for them!!! 25-75 million and we’d be GREAT shape!!!

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