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  1. That prop does look like it only took a few dings, but the engine it came off of will have to be completely torn down and rebuilt – and that’s if it is salvageable at all except for parts. Losing a prop in flight turns loose some pretty horrendous and unexpected forces on the crank and bearings.

  2. Most aircraft appropriate to a wooden prop would not remain flyable after losing that much weight at the extreme end of the aircraft. That would force the Center of Gravity to shift aft, and the plane would become uncontrollable in most cases. Any report on what happened to the airplane?

  3. It landed from where it took off. A lost prop wouldn’t significantly alter the CG of the aircraft. It’ll make some difference, but not uncontrollable, look at airspeed and pitch for best glide. Hopefully you make it to your destination, if not, plan B.

  4. It landed without power, same as the thousands of sailplane and hang glider landings every day. Part of every powered pilot’s training is to have in mind what you would do at any point if you should suddenly hear “the world’s loudest silence.”

  5. A friend who got his pilot’s license told me about a flight training day when his instructor asked.

    If the engine quit where would you land? Every where he looked were houses and other buildings. No place to land that he could see.

    Finally his instructor said.You see those two barns over there? I’d pick the old barn on the right side of the new barn.

    Then there’s old story about making and emergency night landing. Stow all loose materials, shutoff the fuel tanks, tighten your seat harness. Then turn on the landing lights. If you don’t like what you see. Turn the lights off.

  6. Man, I hate it when that happens!

    The propeller flew off my beanie one time, and the whiplash almost broke my neck! If it hadn’t been for the SS guys, I’d prolly still be spinnin round!

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