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This is actually sad.

LGBTQ Horror Story / Transition Regret

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  1. Make an appointment with any Dr. Frankenstein listed in the phone book and he’ll fix it with a knife and a couple dozen stitches anytime you feel you want a change. Be sure to take your credit card.

  2. The monsters who did this to him, and others like him care nothing about the damage they have done. They will move on to the next victim. There is a special place in hell waiting for these people.

  3. The part that may be sad is that he will kill himself. Everything he said was a regret and he knows he can’t fix it. Everything he thought it would be was a lie. He was giddy at first. What he’s really upset about is that he trusted people and believed their lie. His situation won’t affect anyone wanting to do what he did. Nope, they must experience their mistake. I guess the painful infections and sex really hurts. Sure he wanted his penis back, well it ain’t coming back.


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