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Is this a worthy argument for child marriage versus gender-affirming procedures?

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  1. “And guess what? They’re still married.” Spoken like a true abuser. Maybe they’re still married because they’ve been groomed and brain washed their whole lives and don’t have any options. They are abused slaves.

  2. Moon’s example is not uncommon (well, not the marrying then being immediately separated). Teenagers have sex and girls get pregnant. Teenagers getting married because the girl got pregnant is not uncommon. Other options are: abortion, adoption, single-mother. Of course, these days, getting pregnant then getting an abortion is a right of passage for young women and a bonding ritual for couples…like a murder cult.

    Age differential should have been taken into consideration with the bill Moon voted against. Where the “icky” boundary lies depends on prevailing cultural norms, but I think 18 is prevalent in the US. (I had a roommate who married an 18 year old he had been courting since she was 16. Vomit inducing but legal.)

    Voluntary marriage at 15, as long as the spouse is under 18, is not desirable but it is tolerable.

    I have two great-grandmothers who married at 15 to much older men, but that was a different age.

    I have a niece who got pregnant and married at 15 to a 17 year old. She did alright. Unfortunately she enabled similar results from her daughters, I suppose to somehow legitimize her own decision. It is a not uncommon phenomenon among teenage brides/mothers.

  3. Started dating the wife when she was fifteen. Didn’t know it at the time and when she told me I didn’t believe her. So she said go ask my parents and I did. Scared the bejesus out of me. Four years plus from then we were married and it’ll be fifty-four years of marital bliss the end of this May.

    How can two people put up with each other for fifty-eight years?


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