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THIS is CNN: They had a 13 year-old buy a .22 rifle at a gun show to prove a point that escapes me

What is CNN’s point here? A kid (according to the video he was with his mother) buys a .22 from a guy at a gun show. Not loaded. No ammo. It’s basically an iron bar with wood screwed on it.

They juxtapose this with the kid going to stores and being turned down trying to buy booze, porn and lottery tickets. Why didn’t they send him into a store to try and buy ammo?

Am I missing something?

When was the last time a “SCHOOL SHOOTING” was carried out by a bolt action .22?


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  1. Seems like I remember a news station that sent a reporter from Colorado to Arizona to illegally buy a gun by crossing state lines and not getting a FFL holder involved. No charges filed even though they broke federal firearms laws.

  2. I have a 12 ga shotgun that my great grandfather gave to my grandfather when he was a little boy. Used to be a rite of passage in this country.

  3. I can 99% guarantee you that the kid’s mother was there and CNN is claiming the kid bought the gun.
    But even if that’s not the case, what is the point of this exercise?
    Did any school shooter use a .22, or ANY gun bought by himself at a gun show?

    Is this video supposed to lead to the eradication of 2A?

  4. If it’s CNN it’s bullshit. Fake news never rests.

  5. we will find out shortly that the mother was there and gave the seller permission to sell it to him

  6. Gonna throw this out here. It’s actually been on my mind for a while. The more infringements on the second amendment, the worse things get. Criminals are cowards. Everyone carry.

  7. My dad had a semiauto .22 rifle when he was 8 or 10, put food on the table with it and with his shotgun. It isn’t a big deal. Most scout camps have shooting ranges for age 11+.
    People who have never fired a gun freak out because they have no concept of different guns – they have to somehow rate them based upon how ‘scary’ they appear. In fact USA Today posted that the weapons used in the Texas shooting today were ‘less lethal’ than those used in other recent attacks. Um, tell that to the 10 dead kids. These guys have zero clue.

  8. the idiot left & the idiots we are allowing them to raise only see a mean, nasty killer ‘gun’ … it is a waste of breath to try & educate them on the finer points of firearms

    stupidity like this, being aimed (no pun intended) at our stupid society is why they are winning … when we allowed emotion to conquer over reason we lost the debate

  9. When I was 12, and my brother 10, for our birthdays, which are two days apart, my parents hauled us down to the local hardware store an purchased both a couple Ruger Single Six Convertibles. One cylinder for 22 LR the other for 22 Mag. Still have it. Still shoot it. Well, let the Grand kids shoot it. Carried it out at the time of purchase. I never shot up a school with it. What’s changed

  10. Here’s another good one about this whacked shooter. May 18th is the anniversary of the Bath School Massacre. 1927. This kids evil to the core. To cowardly to kill himself. And my argument against school resource officers proved true today. Everyone knows who they are. First victim. A lot better off with qualified concealed carry teachers.

  11. Brad, psychiatric drugs, not letting boys be boys, autism, vaccinations with who knows what’s in them, toxic masculinity, extreme violence in movies and video games, and Russians. Damn Russians, they’re everywhere.

  12. joe6pak
    Absolutely agree. And by now they should have that data. Is it being suppressed? I’ve been throttling libs all day saying by now you should realize it’s not the gun, Yada yada. Like beaten a dead horse. To me, that’s the logical argument.

  13. I got a .22 rifle when I was 10 and a half. That half was important to me at the time.
    Christmas present from my uncle who was a sheriff. Never once thought about killing anything
    with it. Maybe it was because I attended church, I’m not sure.

  14. The brat has the same look in his eyes as brat hogg.

  15. When I was 10 years old, southern pine beetles got into the pine trees on about 85 acres of our land that has been in my family for at least 150 years now. My dad, brother and I went into the woods 3 to 4 times a week on weekdays (after school for me and my brother and after work for my dad) and near every weekend to cut down trees for about 2 years in order to prevent the beetles from spreading to the rest of the timber (they infest by being blown by the wind).

    Long story short, my dad sold what we cut as pulp wood to a relative that ran a “wood yard”, but it didn’t bring very much money because dead trees weigh a lot less than live ones.

    After figuring all his expenses, it cost my dad more money than we made on the deal, but he graciously gave me and my brother $100 each for helping him. I was about 12 years old by the end of it and the first thing both of us bought with our hard earned money was a single shot, 12 gauge shotgun (which both of us still have), and we bought it ourselves without our father having to do anything other than carry us to the store to buy them. That same year, my dad gave us a .22 caliber semi-auto rifle for Christmas (which we both still have).

    This would have been about 1974 in rural GA and the culture of America was far different than it is today. There were no questions asked about being old enough to buy the shotguns and the clerk gladly took our money ($49.95 plus tax each if I remember correctly) and gave each of us a box of bird shot shells as a bonus.

    The only way to stop school shootings happening now is to individually address the underlying problem which is today’s culture. We learned gun safety long before this with our Daisy BB guns and shooting Dad’s .22 with him, and knew better than to even touch our newly bought shotguns and rifles without our dad approving of it.

    Laws can never prevent the evil that resides in the hearts of men regardless of how old or young they are – that is a matter that must be addressed by parents when children are young, and even then there will always be the “odd” one that doesn’t follow what they are taught.

  16. Maybe if the schools had, I dunno, maybe 10 rules for life posted on the wall. Y’know, they way they used to. So the kids could see them 5 days a week. It’s a start.

  17. And in the UK a secret video shows a 13 year old buying a potato peeler from an old man at a second hand store accompanied by his transgender mother/father.

  18. I still have the .22 bolt action my Dad bought at 13 at a Montgomery Wards for $13. 1937

    One thing I have noticed over the past 50 years is that most people assume there is more gun control than there is.

    The fact there wasn’t any restrictions to begin with is incomprehensible to most.

    Better go get a tank, a cannon and a couple of flame throwers before they get restricted.

  19. When I was 16 we used to walk to the avenue and hang out on the side of the store and ask older guys going in to buy us our beer.

    They didnt do a video of kids doing that, or the same young kids buying drugs in the malls or schoolyards or from the uber drivers that deliver tbem right to their door step. More stupid fake news.

  20. I was given as a Christmas present a Marlin model 81 when I was 10 years old for squirrel hunting. Pretty common in rural WVA back then, probably still is pretty common.

    Still have it. Still shoot it. I’m gonna turn 59 in September.

  21. My brothers and I had guns (shotguns, rifles etc.) when we were teenagers mostly used for hunting and we never had a problem. It’s interesting in going thru old slides after my dad passed away of how many pictures there are of us with our guns and on hunting trips, I forgot about most of it till recently and saw a lot of these pictures. And the slide of about a dozen or more dead chukars displayed on the hood of our Dodge station wagon is pretty cool.

  22. Where’s the video of Donte selling a 9MM semiautomatic to a brotha in the back alley on the south side of Chicago?
    “No ID mah man? Sorry that’d be illegal. We got strict gun laws ya know”.

  23. If we got rid of every single gun on the planet we would simply have more knife attacks.
    Most everyone was bullied at sometime in their life at school, somehow or another we didn’t think about killing everybody. But to this day I hate bullies and I think schools do a poor job at dealing with it now days.
    We know that psych drugs are found in almost every case in the school shootings, that might be number one? And a culture where there is no value put on human life, I lay that at the feet of the leftist.
    That along with the socialist agenda to disarm us drives this thing.
    It’s not that they’re afraid of guns, it’s they’re afraid of guns in the hands of freeman.

  24. The whole bullying thing is a non-issue. I was “bullied”, but I bullied other kids. Its a wash.

    But more importantly, its part of having a black heart, so to speak, which most of us have to one degree or another, but the better amongst us control enough so it doesn’t manifest itself in bullying. Best way to conquer the black heart is by acknowledging God and accepting the Prince of Peace as the savior.

    None of that affects my take on MS-13 or Muslim terrorists.

  25. They still (purposely) miss the point.

    Guns (even “assault rifles”) don’t, of their own volition, go to school and shoot people. You need a nihilistic/socialistic psychotic to USE the weapon. You need a product of our amoral/nihilistic/socialistic mal-educational school system to become embittered enough to KILL his classmates and friends.

    In other words, what is required – REQUIRED – is someone who worships at the altar of death – of nothingness – of the VOID.
    And these people are the result of long years of indoctrination by public schooling, TV, and computer.

    izlamo delenda est …

  26. Tim MAY 19, 2018 AT 1:30 PM

    Sadly you nailed it. I’ll be putting together a summary of the response I got from what I’ve sent out to an e-mail group and others with bigger brains than I. The previous thread addressing the school shooting is already history.

    Might be a week or so before I’ll have something and a thread that might relate to the summary or give it to Mr. Big to start one with…


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