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“This is disgraceful”

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WesternJournalism: Barack Obama is slated to make the first visit of his presidency to a U.S. mosque on Wednesday, but the one he has chosen is stirring controversy,due to its former leader’s links to Muslim extremism, including the belief that suicide bombings can be justified.
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14 Comments on “This is disgraceful”

  1. So who says that barry isn’t a muzzie. Isn’t he implying that he’s a muzzie by even visiting this mosque? No, nothing to see here, but if he acts like a muzzie, walks and talks like a muzzie, he’s a muzzie! What a jerk, I could call him far worse believe me.

  2. He just likes being in a room full of men, on his knees with his ass in the air.

  3. Whenever the Muzzies are doing that, they are giving a collective fart to the world — the stench that they create is unimaginable !

  4. We need an ‘Obama Leaving’ countdown clock so I’ll have something to look forward too.
    He will leave right?

  5. Well with less than a year to go at his current job of trying to destroy the “Great Satan”, Obama needs to develop his cred for the new job he hopes to get: caliph.

  6. Do you think if they actually looked for a mosque that didn’t spew this hatred, they could have found one ?

  7. Must be a moslem version of “Easter Duty” …

  8. Big wow, he has lived for seven plus years in the big White Mosque! Check and see if the Oval Office is also a prayer

  9. I keep praying he doesn’t finish his teeeerrrrrm.

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