This is reprehensible

PatriotRetort: Jake Tapper interviewed Hillary Clinton yesterday on The Lead and he asked her about the violent riots outside of Trump’s rallies, and Hillary’s response is flat-out reprehensible. You can watch the interview HERE, but I took the bullet for you and transcribed every sickening word of the pertinent portion:

Tapper: There were some really ugly images on the TV screens yesterday — some really reprehensible assaults, attacks by anti-Trump protesters against people who support Donald Trump. Do you condemn the violence? What is your message to people who are protesting Donald Trump?

Hillary: I condemn all violence in our political … uh … arena. I condemned it when Donald Trump was inciting it. And congratulating people who were engaging in it…

Congratulating people?! Congratulating?

Whoopsie! I think that’s a Freudian slip.

Hillary: I condemn it by those who are taking violent protests to physical assault…

So, does that mean if the violent protests hadn’t included physical assault you wouldn’t have condemned it?  MORE

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  1. I’m not a bean bean counter, so I don’t know how many mexicans are in my country. I encourage the illegal aliens to continue their abuse of the flag. The more the enemy media shows this, the more votes against this crunt.

  2. believe it or not, she could still win

    general quarters, all hands man your battle stations, be ready for combat

  3. About what I expect from somebody who would lie over a coffin and then lie about the parents of the man whose coffin it was.

  4. DT isn’t enticing anything other than a washed up abuela who the media thinks her opinion matters on some official level when she really has no power at all. When she did have power all the bitch did was kill people and hide her tracks, so who’s the asshole now?

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