November 27, 2016 MJA 17

PickeringPost: Which race is the more ancient and primitive? Islamic or Aboriginal? If you said Islamic you had better buy a history book because the answer is the Aboriginal race by around 50,000 years. So why do we still expect a sophisticated response when trillions [Read More]

Women’s Violence Against Women

June 27, 2016 MJA 1

RSM:   We must stop violence against women: A Georgia mom allegedly shot and killed her estranged daughter-in-law after her son accused his wife of having an affair with a high school sweetheart, court records showed. Elizabeth Wall, 63, was charged with murder Thursday after she fatally [Read More]

HuffPoo Op-Ed: Beat Up Trump Supporters

June 9, 2016 MJA 18

DMF: The Huffington Post today published an Op-Ed by a leftist calling for and justifying violence against Trump supporters. One reason? Trump and what he stands for must be stopped by any means necessary. For another, violence sometimes makes good things happen. MORE

This is reprehensible

June 4, 2016 MJA 11

PatriotRetort: Jake Tapper interviewed Hillary Clinton yesterday on The Lead and he asked her about the violent riots outside of Trump’s rallies, and Hillary’s response is flat-out reprehensible. You can watch the interview HERE, but I took the bullet for you and transcribed every sickening [Read More]

The Irrationality of The Leftist Narrative

November 30, 2015 Dr. Tar 6

The only think consistent about news stories framed by the left is that if they can link a Conservative value to a murderous act they don’t hesitate for a nanosecond, but if the perpetrator is in any way sympathetic to the left’s agenda the story is [Read More]

Blacktivists in Detroit Blame Democrats for Violence

July 25, 2015 Cardigan 8

RedStatements- Black activists got angry when the Detroit Police Chief James Craig called the people responsible for shooting 12 people on a playground killing one of them urban terrorists.  They complained about the insult and want him to apologize.  Craig refused to back down and [Read More]