MSM Message: Your Angry Words Justify Our Violence

As things heat up on the streets, who is responsible for stirring the pot of disorder? John Nolte makes a convincing case that the MSM has been ratcheting up the violence on the left. Here

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  1. I would have considered this rather obvious. And if you back up to the 10,000 foot level it’s also obvious that it’s very well orchestrated.

  2. GAWD I detest Brain Stelter! Every time I see his picture the first thing I think is “No way that guy is straight!!!” Married or not, many a closet cases have wives as beards.

    Real men don’t drink Soy milk.

  3. And I fear it will reach a point where it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. And if it does, I won’t shed a tear for Acosta or any other media member who reaps what he or she (and colleagues) helped sow. But my would it be satisfying to see Selter get an atomic wedgie on live TV. What a punchable face! Every time I see a picture of him, I see the caption, “Mom, the Italian kids stole my lunch money again!”

  4. President Trump has an awful big job in front of him, especially with cleaning out the rat’s nest in Washington, but I feel confident that he can identify the heads of this Hydra and start cutting them off! Facebook would be a good start… and what a message it would send!

  5. MSM Message: Your Angry Words Justify Our Violence

    No, they don’t. But your violence morally justifies your targets’ use of violence in self-defense.

  6. Just wait a little while. Some news phony will be “attacked” just so they can prove a point.


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