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This is the Crew That Will Head to the Moon

My first impression? I could be wrong, but I feel there a few dirtbags in there.

Irony Curtain said, “Okay, so they’re not the Right Stuff.”

Pinko said, “They’re the Left Stuff.”

I said they seem like the space hippies that hijacked The Enterprise because they wanted to go to Eden.

This post is about to take veer at a fork in the road –

I sent an example of what I was talking about. And I have to say, I like the music.

Charles Napier does a great job.

You may know Charles Napier from…. everything.

The dude was on Baretta, The Rockford Files, Monk, CSI, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote. He was in Austin Powers, The Silence of the Lambs, Married to the Mob.

And yes,

Star Trek-

Spock Jams –

A band updated the song-

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  1. Play List; NEXT Revolution

    In A Far Away Land – John Denver
    A Farewell To Kings – Rush
    Now I’m A Farmer – Who
    A Far Better Way – Uriah Heep
    Love On A Farm Boys Wages – XTC
    Hemingway, Ernest – A Farewell To Arms


  2. Isn’t Steve Aoki an overpaid DJ that throws sheet cakes at people? Just do a search on cakeface and Steve Aoki if you’re curious.

    You can’t be serious that they’re sending this guy to the moon.

    What’s the claim to fame of these other underacheivers?

    I’m looking at the titles for the rest of the dearmoon crew and I’m praying this trip isn’t taxpayer funded.

  3. Brad,
    It’s funny you mention that. Someone in the comments said it was obvious in the 60s that comedy writers, or writers in general, didn’t know how to write hippies. So they defaulted to the beatniks of the 50s. So you had these long haired guys saying “daddio” and such.
    You see it all the time on 60s sitcoms. And it happened here, a bit, on the Star Trek episode.

  4. Sending a bunch of woke lefties to the moon to die, (Because that’s what is going to happen) sounds like a really expensive way to take out the trash. I’m pretty sure I could figure out a lot of cheaper ways to get rid of them.

  5. …holy crap, I thoght this was a JOKE!

    Then I searched the unlikely named Rihannon Adam, and found this…

    “In 2022, she was announced as one of eight crew members (all creatives) selected for the first civilian lunar orbital mission; dearMoon, funded by Japanese entrepreneur, Yusaku Maezawa (MZ). The trip will last for approximately one week, and is currently planned for 2023 aboard SpaceX’s Starship.”

    ht tps:/ /ww m/about

    …watch out for chicks named “Rihannon”, BTW. They were raised by mothers who were WAY too into the whole Stevie Nicks sisters of the moon type thingies, so they raised their daughters be be as wack as they are.

    Go to this chicks Web site (she’s a photographer who tries to catch spirits with bad Polaroid film stock), and you’ll see what I mean…

  6. BFH
    I was born in raised in SoCal. Hawthorne Ca. In the 60’s it was middle class white suburbia with a garage band in every other garage all doing their best interpretation of Dick Dale. All surfers with a few Beatniks thrown in. I think it was the influence from 77 Sunset Strip. Or maybe Beach Blanket Bingo. A great place to be from. Then pops got transferred to Wisconsin for two years. When they transferred him back it was to NorCal. And I’ll be damn, Hippies all over the place. I think I preferred the surfers. Anyway it all ended up in some damn fine music.

  7. Wiredog, I absolutely hate Blows Against The Empire by Jefferson Starship. It was worse even than Imagine by John Lennon with all of it anti- establishment lyrics. It’s the perfect soundtrack for anarchists and Antifa. Especially the song White Boy which blames all of our problems on Whitey.

  8. Charles Napier was from back-in-the-day when there were very few multimillionaire pampered entitled spoiled superstar actors. Everyone else had to hustle for a living, taking any role, on any show. So you became very, very good at your craft, a true chameleon, able to fit into any genre. Or else you go back home to the small town that you came from.

  9. I remember hating that episode with Charles Napier with his phony smile, knobby forehead, bobbing head, stupid singing – and then Spock walking in this his instrument with the intention of joining the idiot in ‘making music.’

  10. LOL! Even as a kid watching that Star Trek episode I though those space hippies were corny and goofy. I kept thinking…why are these people so stupid. I didn’t understand a cult mentality at all.

    My favorite part of that Star Trek episode is when the space hippies arrive at the “Eden” planet and found out it was poisonous. I though “good” they deserve getting poisoned because they’re idiots.

    As for the real woke space hippies, whatever they encounter they won’t get the fact their leftist tools – too far gone. They are doomed to live by an allegiance to Marxist doctrine until the end of their miserable lives.

    BTW, Napier was a versatile actor, but he was one of those actors who’s strong personality overshadowed their roles. Still I enjoyed his work.

  11. Steve Aoki’s Dad was Rocky Aoki of Benihana Restaurants…Also a World Class

    Powerboat Racer…Steve’s a Loon… I watched part of the Documentary on Him

    just to see the Clips of His Dad Racing.


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