“This is what the United States and the West did to Julian Assange for reporting the truth.” – IOTW Report

“This is what the United States and the West did to Julian Assange for reporting the truth.”


Photo Leaked: This is what the United States and the West did to Julian Assange for reporting the truth. The same people lecturing about misinformation have been killing a whistleblower for telling the world the truth. Not for lying, not for spreading fake news but the truth!

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  1. Although he will never admit it I bet one of Trump’s biggest regrets while President was that he did not pardon either Assange or Snowden.

    Whether true or not (who knows?) I read the reason he did not on both was that it would upset establishment Senate Republicans who were gearing up to vote in his impeachment trial at the time.

  2. I’m in my 60s. Julian Assange, at 51, looks older than my dad did last September. Now dad has passed, as it appears Julian will soon.

    P.S. Yes, Trump did disappoint on pardons, RONA, the economy, etc.

  3. Agreed Rich.
    I kept waiting for Trump to give out those 11th hour pardons.
    Another disappointment.
    I don’t think the impeachment vote would have mattered if Trump had pardoned them on the day he left the White House though.

    On the plus side I do believe he pardoned a few gangsta rappers, so there is that…

  4. And it takes an African reporter to tell us this. Not an American.

    Simon Ateba has a refreshing sense of righteous indignation that is completely missing from most American so-called journalists.

  5. FWIW:

    On the Same Day the NY decided To Indite Trump, Turdeau & his Libs decided to pass a Bill in Canuckistan to INCREASE CENSORSHIP & Regulation of the Internet up here.

    NO ACCIDENT, they are tightening down on ALL FREEDOMS & THOUGHT all over.

  6. From the posting here, I can deduce that while the Left was crushing the Truth about the gene therapy vaccine, Trump at least left it to the individual to decide and that is a failure which should result in voting for Biden or a Democrat who runs as a Republican. Same re Pardons, , vote Democrat because Trump missed a few, same with his supposed mean personality that was propaganda for the most part, same with two impeachments, same with backing an Insurrection, same with his Indictment, same with an eight year persecution as that was his fault and proves that there was a Coup and so on…The Left will win and their first phase is to ramp up the amount of money they grasp and send to voters as renamed reparations, second phase is control of your money and increased taxes along with morE show trials, third phase is trashing Trump so that his death does not martyr his legacy and the fourth phase is to raise your children and commit mass misery for the stupid people who helped the Left gain Power to an extent unseen in world history..

  7. Sorry, forgot one more thing out of a thousand…when the Right shuts down Fox because it is too Liberal, with the help of bots and it’s media propagandists, Republicans can rejoice for a few months until the realize that they have no voice and will be converted into evil personified so that they can be persecuted by a few hundred million morons from here and new arrivals..yes, trash Trump even though he came close to closing the borders but failed as time ran out

  8. The “trash Trump crowd” do not know what they are doing. Media brainwashing working on the weak minded.
    Trump is the LAST HOPE against the Deep State, establishment politicians, and corrupt elections.
    Trump 2024 or BUST!


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