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This is what Trump means when he says deportations will be done more humanely

Seal the border. Throw out the criminals. Prosecute hirers for using illegal aliens. Cut off all aid for illegals. Cut off all services for illegals. Prosecute people for harboring illegals. End sanctuary cities.

The illegals will self-deport.

That’s humane.



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  1. Wiki says Janet Reno ordered that event. The story says agents were threatened they could be hurt if they entered…

    And somehow cameras were poised to take the perfect photos of the takedown.

  2. That story sickens me. Poor kid had a chance to grow up in freedom. Ah, well. Maybe in another life, Elian. Very sorry.

  3. Make e-verify mandatory in rentals too. Kill birthright citizenship(there ain’t no such thing anyway)

    REgressives will use welfare & education cut offs to paint Trump as a fiend-yawn I know, but count on it.

  4. “Misake e-verify mandatory in rentals too. Kill birthright citizenship(there ain’t no such thing anyway)”

    The Left will tie up the courts with an endless deluge of spurious lawsuits at every possible turn. With leftist judges interpreting law selectively, and with the certainty of doe-eyed illegals portrayed as Trump victims in the media (even by some purportedly on the Right)…well…

  5. I am not the only one who wishes Trump would say the things you are saying FUR.
    Instead he is making himself look exactly like the people he slammed during the primaries. I am at a loss as to why he is doing this, unless he is softening us up for what comes next.
    I knew there would be no mass deportations, I got slammed here for saying so. Anyone who gave it serious thought knew it wasn’t going to happen.
    Where Trump to say that if elected he would make jailing people who knowingly hire illegals a day one priority, or any other concrete statement on the issue, it could stem the hemorrhaging of supporters.

  6. I am so sick and tired of assholes like YOU and assholes like your Cruzbot fucktards saying that Trump has flip-flopped on immigration.

    I had to listen to the closet dem/ closet faggot Shep Smith saying “he said he was going to have a deportation force!!!!!!!!!!” “He’s flip-flopped!!!!”

    Yes, moron. He will have a deportation force. It’s called ICE and DHS.
    All we have to do is ENFORCE THE LAWS we have in place, just like Trump has said all along. That’s the deportation force.

    Where is the flip flop?

  7. Cleaning up this immigration mess actually will be quite easy. Just follow the steps above. There will be a huge self deportation sucking sound. If legal family members want to stay here as their illegal family members leave, they can do what they want — we’re not ‘breaking up families’ we are enforcing the law you dumbasses who fill your Depends over these things. No one ever said that it would be possible to “round up” every illegal by tomorrow afternoon and deport them. The fact remains, however, that if an illegal has a job, that is a job being denied to an unemployed US citizen. We also have a boatload of legal immigrants who are doing tough, blue collar labor. No US citizen deserves to have their wages depressed through excess immigration. Time to close it down, immigration is an outdated concept. We are full, broke, unemployed, and more automated every day.

  8. [quote]Yes, moron. He will have a deportation force. It’s called ICE and DHS.
    All we have to do is ENFORCE THE LAWS we have in place, just like Trump has said all along. That’s the deportation force.[/quote]

    The Pageoturners point
    [quote]deported fewer than 100,000 and the other 2.9 million left on their own.[/quote]becomes true.

  9. Din’t complete that last thought.

    A little enforcement would go a long way. Eisenhower saw it, Trump sees it. BFH sees it too! 🙂

    The media and the dems (I repeat myself) don’t want to see it. They want to win/dominate with their ideas.

    Don’t we want to win with our ideas?

  10. As for the “breaking up families” narrative:

    If parents who are here illegally and have children born here, then their children are U.S. citizens and they are not.

    The parents need to be sent packing. At that point, they have a choice to make: either the children return to the native country with the parents, or the parents elect to leave them here in the custody of trusted relatives or friends.

    It’s really as simple as that. Of course, the idea of having adults make choices has always been anathema to libs–thus the emotional (as opposed to rational) “breaking up families” line.

  11. Re: grool “With leftist judges interpreting law selectively . . . .

    This is where certain powers conveyed to the President by the NDAA can be quite useful to Trump.

  12. Also, Trump will need to tell ICE to tear up their so-called ‘Prosecutorial Discretion Memos’ that have effectively stopped ANY removal of visa-overstays or non-criminal illegal aliens. They know that as of now, nobody will go after them. ‘Living in the shadows’ haha! They’re laughing at us folks!!

  13. You know, I feel bad when I have to yell and call people assholes, but it’s necessary.

    Because the shitstains say they are for Trump, yet I have to point out the friggin obvious to these morons, morons who act as if they are smarter than you, when they should be out there doing the work I’m doing, and reminding voters of this stuff instead of being on this forum passively aggressively giving us a hard fucking time.
    I’m sick of it.
    And I’m in the mood to start banning people.
    I don’t want to have to deal with it anymore.

    When Trump either flips or flops to a
    A: a position that is left-wing
    B: a position that is not perfectly acceptable to the right


    Furthermore, if Trump either flipped or flopped, how does it stack up against Lord Cruz???
    Is he going to carpet bomb the illegals?

    Yes, I am bringing Cruz into this because all fucking roads with you pinheads lead to him, as if he is descended from heaven.

    Where does Trump’s immigration position, whatever you want to claim it is, vary from Cruz’s?

  14. I knew there would be no mass deportations, I got slammed here for saying so. Anyone who gave it serious thought knew it wasn’t going to happen.>>>

    Would there be mass deportations under Cruz?


    Would there be mass deportations under some other candidate?


    So what’s the fucking problem? How are you getting gypped?

  15. Well, I’m FOR mass deportations.

    And not just for illegal alien invading rat-people; but socialists, liars, lawyers, shit-pickle-eaters, Demonrats, grifters, welfare maggots, and anyone who describes it-self as ________-American (if you put some other country or continent first, you should be there, not here).

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. —-I knew there would be no mass deportations, I got slammed here for saying so. —-

    Mandatory return of all criminal aliens. The Obama Administration has released 76,000 aliens from its custody with criminal convictions since 2013 alone. All criminal aliens must be returned to their home countries, a process which can be aided by canceling any visas to foreign countries which will not accept their own criminals, and making it a separate and additional crime to commit an offense while here illegally.

  17. And Trump is doing that and said he was doing that.
    Trump has reiterated he will build a wall, within one hour of his presidency begin the deportation of all criminals, either in custody or loose but know by the police.

    He will end sanctuary cities and deport anyone here illegally that has an encounter with law enforcement.
    He then says we will see what that does…
    Meaning, we’ll see if it begins self-deportation.

    Anyone saying, “I’m for Trump but this is a betrayal, wahhhhhh, this means AMNESTY!!!!! wahhhh,” should get a boot to the throat. You’re not for Trump.

    You are simply looking for something, anything, to drag Trump down and allow Hillary to win.
    To whine over the most robust illegal immigration policy that we’ve ever had because it’s not brownshirts kicking in doors (which the very same people would use against Trump by saying he’s a nutball) is asinine.

    If you’re not out there voicing what Trump is saying, and instead voicing what anti-Trump people are saying, then you need a kick to the throat.

  18. Self deportation will work.
    Cut all welfare.
    Enforce E-Verify.
    Make high profile examples of the CEOs of one or two big employers of illegals.
    Toss the mayor of a sanctuary city or two in Federal jail as a further example.

    30 million people will be making travel arrangements in the first 72 hours.
    The airlines will add more schedules and bigger planes to the Mexico repatriation routes.
    Hardest hit: Western Union and section 8 slumlords.
    Go Trump 2016-2024.

  19. Fur, I never said he was flip flopping.
    Early in Trumps campaign, he said basically what he is saying now, only was a lot clearer about it. He supported de-facto amnesty for all illegals that were not convicted felons. He also wanted them to be able to compete with regular citizens for jobs. They would pay back taxes and jump through a few hoops. Obama has pushed an almost identical plan.
    I am not faulting Trump, he is a politician, and politicians say what they think they need to say in order to win. Trump needed to say he would deport them all to get the nomination.
    The problem is that a lot of people believed Trump when he said those things and now feel betrayed.
    This has nothing to do with any of the bogeymen you always trot out, it is rooted in the marketing of the Trump brand.
    People actually expect politicians to deceive them, and this type of thing happens with every campaign. Trump, though, has been hyped as something completely different.
    What Trump is doing is not a bad thing in and of itself, he has no choice other than take this road, he just failed with the PR and a lot of people feel blindsided and betrayed.
    I don’t see this sending large numbers of people into Hillary’s camp, but it does dampen enthusiasm at a time when building it is critical.

  20. And yet another pro-Trump thread is hijacked and twisted into a “me-me-meeee! ” passive aggressive therapy filibuster.

    I love IOTW’s pro Trump stance. . I’m by here every day. I rarely feel the need to post when there are so many other eloquent and articulate Commenter’s.

    But sweet God I am so tired of the same handful of professional defeatists. Full time concern trolls who have attached themselves like ticks to IOTW. (Or been assigned here by the $2M Hilary social-media operation).
    The Tokyo Rose’s, who will usurp any platform they are allowed to appear on.

    November approaches at breakneck speed.
    Fur, if you are finally exasperated enough by the sabotage trolls to start banning, I for one will be grateful.

  21. My wife is Hispanic and has been around Hispanics her whole life. For years she’s been saying that a wall is completely unnecessary if you just cut off all the government benefits. She’s even gone as far as saying that a wall might be a bad thing because it will only slow down the people trying to get BACK into Mexico.

  22. I’d like to see a bounty for any illegal’s brought in alive and unharmed. Mexico an whoever can pay for the safe and humane return of their people to there home of origin.

  23. “She’s even gone as far as saying that a wall might be a bad thing because it will only slow down the people trying to get BACK into Mexico.”

    That’s a really good point. My neighbors and I, they’re Mex, had this discussion the other night we were all of the same mind that if he cuts off the benefits day one, starts using e verify, most will head back before the wall is completed. I think the wall is necessary to keep OTM’s that want to blow shit up out of our country.

  24. We need a physical barrier. Ain’t buying the prospect that this might slow exit, how does that happen? The door will have *openings* and doors etc. I’ll take my chances if it helps keep out more immigrants esp middle eastern muzzies looking to cause mischief.

  25. You guys are sounding desperate.
    Trump is going back on his word. You insult peoples intelligence when you say otherwise. Everybody heard him say over and over that ALL of them have to go back, then we decide who gets to come in.
    Instead of making people think you have no grip on reality, why not take the position (which happens to be true and truth always works better than deception)that Trump would like to send them all home, however, as a practical matter that is not going to happen.
    So Trump is putting something together that can actually be achieved and will improve the situation tremendously.
    That is what I am telling people, and for the most part they accept it.

    When people come to this site looking for answers to give people who are concerned and on the fence, you all say that profanity, name calling, and yelling are the way to go.
    And some of you wonder why I express concern as to whose side some of you are really on.

    Done. Gone.
    You add nothing to this site.

  26. “You guys are sounding desperate.”

    That’s just the echo in your head. Do’t worry about it. This issue is much more complexed than you are capable of grasping.

  27. I don’t see where Trump has changed his position. From his official web site (not Huffpoop or the likes):

    Triple the number of ICE officers.
    Nationwide e-verify.
    Mandatory return of all criminal aliens.
    Detention—not catch-and-release.
    Defund sanctuary cities.
    Enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa.
    Cooperate with local gang task forces.
    End birthright citizenship.

    This has been his position for months.

    Compared to Hillary? I don’t want to even go to her site, probably some malware there that hijacks my pc for her, until she ‘wipes’ her server.

    Anyone that says a candidate has ‘flip-flopped’ or otherwise changed their position, should have to also post the relevant cite, or get banned for being the troll (paid or otherwise) that they are.

  28. I agree that you need to start banning people that are not Trump sycophants. Merely being a Trump voter that rightly calls out the candidate for wavering on a position brings in folks that yells things like “JohnS is a cock sucking faggot that needs to fuck off and die” and that is in no way helpful to our ultimate goal to defeat Hiliary. If you ban all the people that Trump supporters hate, that kind of vile and disgusting behaviour will stop and Trump will have a better chance on November 8th.

    I agree, it is time to make this place an echo chamber for Trump supporters that need a safe space. We have a hard row to hoe and cannot handle any distractions.


    You’re gone. Sorry. You add nothing to the site. You just don’t get it. I’m sick of it.-bfh

  29. You said you were going to ban anti trumpers. So do it.>>>>

    So, you are you admitting you’re anti-Trump???
    You’re squaring up to me when I say I’m banning anti-Trumpers?
    You’ve said a million times you’re not and that you’re voting for him.
    Ya fucking liar.

    See ya.

    Menderman and JohnS are banned.
    They simply add nothing to the site.
    They give us a much harder time than they do the right-wing sites that post updates that Hillary is in the lead with exclamation points and glee, all at ECHO CHAMBERS.
    Done. Fini. Sick of it.

  30. Oh. my. lanta! LOL.
    I gotta say. I was sick of their BS from months ago. So sick of them that I told them I’d ignore them and not read their comments. I was tired of JohnS’ passive aggressive ‘I know best’ crap and the fact that he couldn’t understand how even though we are all not equally in love with Trump, we know better than to screw him over and give a vote for the hillbeast. He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t stand that we were unwilling to trash Trump with him. lol.

    And quite frankly, Menderman was just straight out harassing you, Fur and trying to bait everyone else to fight with him. So much drama. I can’t deal with people so needy. Ugh.

  31. “And quite frankly, Menderman was just straight out harassing you, ”

    I e mailed BFH a couple weeks back trying to discourage him from banning Menderman. I was wrong. This was a straight up “I dare you”. A slap in the face. We no longer have time for white noise. Go Trump.

  32. That’s exactly what it was.
    And I feel like George Kennedy in Cool Hand Luke. I’m sick of saying STAY DOWN. I’m sick of punching them.

    I don’t need the, “I’m just trying to get Trump to stick to his….. ”

    You said long ago you never liked him, so wtf is it you’re trying to get him to stick to?

    It’s all bullshit. They are bullshitters.
    They hate Trump and they do not want to see him win, and that means they want Hillary to win, and that attitude is not going to happen on THIS PLATFORM.

    No need to be a Trump sycophant. There are people that say, “I don’t like Trump but I’m walking on glass to vote against Hillary.”
    That’s great.
    Perfectly acceptable.

    I do not need to hear about your fucking principles and how you’re wrestling with doubt and he’s horrible and he’s flip-flopping and he’s orange, every fucking time I do a post that puts a reasonable spin on why Trump is better for this country than Hillary.

    Do these two punks, THAT’S RIGHT, PUNKS, think we are stupid? That we do not know possible pitfalls, possible weaknesses with Trump?
    We are looking past any of that for the good of getting him elected. It doesn’t make us stupid and them brilliant.
    It makes them BORES.

    I. AM. SICK. OF. IT.

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