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This is What You Deal With With the Left

Had she got a refund, she would have thanked Biden-

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  1. Intelligent people don’t have pink hair and drawn on eyebrows.
    People like her are fortunate I don’t use social media but not as fortunate as me.

  2. LL666,
    Used to be that one had to be a property owner and pay taxes to be able to vote. No welfare, no young students, no prisoners. no illegals. That all went bye-bye too long ago. It would be nice to return to those days. Even if it meant that I would have been deprived of the right to vote in my youth.

  3. We can go back to the founding fathers and address the idea that land owners are only allowed to vote. So sad that those dumb shits don’t have the brains to vote at all.

  4. 1. Trump has not been President for over three years. How is this his fault?

    2. If they paid more taxes, wouldn’t it be the fault of the person who has been President for over three years?

    3. Did they pay more taxes for 2023, or did they have to pony up more money when they filed? It is shocking how many people don’t know the difference. Some people give Uncle Sugar an interest free loan just so they can get a big refund then brag about how much money they got back. They equate what they pay on April 15 with their total tax bill. If they got a second income and they did not fill out their W4 accordingly, they will be slammed come April.


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