This is why Drudge Report is Garbage Truck Juice

This is why everyone should be using, headlines like this.

What a spectacularly stupid and misleading bit of writing [and two days late.]

This misguides the reader into thinking nothing at all is happening, in the way of construction, at the border. Once you go to the article it explains that construction has focused on shoring up areas that have ineffective and useless existing fencing. Nothing has been erected in areas that never had a fence before. It’s being done that way because it takes time to get environmental zoning permits.

What a pant load of horseshit, and it’s designed to fool the intellectually lazy and Trump hater– but I repeat myself.


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  1. It’s True. Trump has not built a SINGLE mile of new border fence. He’s built several miles.
    Matt Drudge is a shitpickle

  2. Drudge is just clickbait. That’s what he reduced himself to.

    Technically, they did replace a lot of the fencing in high traffic areas. Most of the old fencing wasn’t even fencing. Illegals were walking over them, through them, or around them.

    And they built about 50 miles of new fencing in NM or wherever, last I checked. Plus, the dude with the gofundme has built miles of wall, too.

    We don’t need fencing across the ENTIRE border. We only need about 450.

  3. I have noticed a decided slant against Trump seems to have taken hold over at the Drudge. Frankly, when was the last time Drudge has broken a story? Either the folks at Drudge have gotten lazy or are going Dem.

  4. Someone should publish a list of all the fencing that has been constructed in previously unprotected (meaning not fenced) stretches of the border to counter this claim.

  5. Someone has. And provided video. I know because the NYT was complaining about it. LOL.
    Maybe they’ll post the list again since drudge kicked the hornet’s nest.

  6. I have not been to drudge for quite awhile it is now just a dem site.
    Fencing can not be built in new area’s thanks to the courts and congress so P.Trump Being P.Trump is doing what he can and is rebuilding old fence with a 30 foot high wall where before it was 3 strands of barbed wire. Miles of new wall have been built the MSM just wont tell us.

  7. If progress has been slow, we know who to blame for that, and it sure isn’t Trump.

    What is that saying… “Before you tear down that old fence, you might ask yourself why it was there in the first place.”

    Before you jeer at Trump for fixing that old fence first, you might ask how it got trampled down in the first place. Because it blocked the easy way in, maybe?

  8. “Good fences make good neighbors.”

    And that was never more true than in international borders.

    Never read Drudge, so I can’t comment on his “garbage-truck juiciness” and now I have no reason to.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. And why in hell is EVERYTHING underlined at Drudge?? I just went there after many years, and he is still doing that? Same unreadable format, and nothing new constructed, for twenty years. At least Trump is fixing up old broken-down shit, Matt. You might want to try it yourself.

  10. @ Mithrandir, I used to visit L-D but their incessant misspelling and often misleading (clickbait)headlines made me think Ms. Brown’s 3rd graders had been hired. Even BadBlue has succumbed to reprinting 2-3 year old stories for filler.

  11. Matt Drudge changed his tune right after Andrew Bretbart ended up having a sudden heart attack on the way home. Something tells me Bathhouse Barry and the Klintons had a little chat with him. Sort of what happened to Gallup when they said the Kenyan clown was behind.

  12. Drudge and his news site recognize that it can all be financially destroyed by Google in mere seconds. He has responded without nobility, without a fight and without hesitation by joining the Left.

  13. LOL! Ya know what? Obama was right! “You didn’t build that, someone else did!” Trump made it happen. Drudge fell out with me about 4 years ago. Riding on the Lewinsky coat tails have fallen off, Drudge is nothing IMHO.

  14. It’s not just misleading and bad reporting it’s also neglecting to report many of the dem outrages.
    What turned them into such pieces of dog squeeze? Money?
    How do you leave lifelong convictions unless you never had any in the first place.

  15. So now this article on Drudge will be used as “proof” ( by Snopes and other “fact checking” sites) that President Trump is a liar when he claims to have built X miles of wall.

  16. Dredge used to be my go-to page, don’t even have it bookmarked any more. (Along with a few choice others).

  17. I quit Drudge at least a year ago – it became almost all junk. I wonder why Rush still promotes him? I guess old habits die hard.

  18. Yep, I’ve been arguing about this all morning. When you replace broken fences, it’s normally called “getting a new fence.” JFC.

    Drudge is a pole-smoking swamp monster now.

  19. Drudge was victorious over the Main Stream Media and he’s now just “phoning it in.” He’s AWOL from Friday night to Monday morning unless some story tickles his fancy.

    Matt’s most likely choosing to walk a fine line between Libs and Conservatives by re-printing whatever either side wants to shit-stir. This keeps both his critics and his loyalists off balance. You’ll notice that FOX is playing the same game.

    A word of caution: don’t be blindly loyal to news aggregators that tell you just what you want to hear. You have to pay attention to the changes taking place at Drudge and FOX and elsewhere. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a very rude awakening by reality.

    Plus, try not to be tempted to relax with a strong economy, a volunteer army, and calm in the streets of your own neighborhood. That may change; trust me on this.

  20. If the people running whatfinger can figure out how to publish RSS properly, I will start getting their feed. No one goes to each site and reads each link and clicks it.

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