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This is Why Rush Was the Maha Rushie

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  1. I miss Rush every damn day!
    I’ve not been able to listen to AM radio since he died.
    All credit to Rush, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, David Horowitz for making me a fully functioning American patriot.

  2. They will have “ample evidence?” I submit that the media/Democrats will have overwhelming evidence to replace Biden. The media/Democrats can hide/obfuscate ample evidence – but Biden is now placing them in a position where even the press secretary can’t cover up his conduct.

  3. We were just talking about how much we miss Rush this morning.
    Hopefully God raises up someone who is as talented and bold as he was.
    Remember “Rush Rooms” at restaurants?

  4. att:gov lawyer and Agatha, I so agree with both of you. I had every station on my radio in Jeep tuned in to rush. There was no other station and still isn’t. What I wouldn’t give have him back again especially these days. The mattress spring haired press lady, and brainless Biden both need to be in a mental institution.

  5. That man could read the stiches on the fast ball with half his brain tied behind his back. I miss em’ now more than ever… He would have been thundering away on that speaker floor fight, enough to move the needle.


  6. No one has yet mentioned how RIGHT he has been with what has transpired.
    He said that they would NEVER give up trying to ruin the Trump family so that no one will ever get the idea to run for the people again.
    He kept trying to convince everyone that the Russian collusion business was fake and nothing but a hoax.
    Unfortunately, the MSM kept pumping that false narrative to the point that the people with “heads full of mush” would believe it.
    So many other points he made that have turned out to be absolute truth.
    Sure do miss him.
    R.I.P. Maha Rushie

  7. Always considered Rush to be a prophet. He prepared conservatives for the times we’re living in now. Truly a “Talent on loan from God”. A great man I miss very much.

  8. Chumlee,
    “Hard News Media?”
    Best they can do is Flaccid Propaganda Social Media…

    There. Fixed it for ya.


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