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This Lame Sketch Should’ve Been Given the “Noem Treatment”


Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) was pilloried on SNL’s Weekend Update over the revelation in her new book that she once shot and killed her dog Cricket.

In a rollicking sketch, Colin Jost introduced Gov. Noem’s “other dog” — named “Cricket the seventh.” Played by Marcello Hernández, Cricket VII explained “the first six were bad dogs.” More

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  1. People hate anybody and especially politicians who mistreat animals almost as much as more as they do the indiscriminate killing of unborn children by abortion. Kristie Noem should be toast for killing her dog and then bragging about it in her book. What a putz!

  2. Why the heck would someone write that in a book, especially someone involved in politics? Maybe after retiring, but while still active, with a possibility of running for something else? How stupid can one be? Did she not hear about Romney putting his dog in a carrier and putting it on the luggage rack and all the crap he received as a result?? Didn’t she have a publicist take a look (if so, that person should be fired)?

  3. No one is accusing her of being an astute politician, that’s for sure.

    Maybe she’s just honest. Doesn’t mean she’s right. She’s just honest about it.

  4. The sketch isn’t even funny. It’s just a vehicle for them to declare Noem evil and so is Donald Trump and everyone who supports him and ha, ha, ha aren’t we better than all of you stupid evil rubes for pointing out how awful all of you are to your face.

  5. I’m cutting Noem some slack. Firstly, the book is an attempt to be honest about good and bad decisions. Not as good at innoculating about bad news as the Clintons, but getting it out before her opponemts.

    Secondly, she characterised the dog as a “working dog.” For those not familiar with agriculture, dogs and cats are utilities and not “your furry little friends.” There is little that can be done about a dog that kills livestock. Penning or kenneling for the rest of it’s life is “better” for the dog how?


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