This Should Take the Edge Off of Some of the Trumpmania


In the video below, Trump explains why he identifies himself as more of a democrat than a republican. He says economies do better under democratic rule.Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.43.41 PM

Also, The Right Scoop has Trump blaming the last economic crisis on the right, which is very, very strange for a republican to say. At the very least, the last crisis is arguably the fault of both parties. To emphatically lay it all at the feet of the right is something even a hack partisan leftard like Matt Taibbi wouldn’t say.

This is disturbing.


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  1. Well it’s certainly refreshing to see an alpha male say some things that need saying lately. And that is naturally attractive to many, especially these days where all we have are neutered beta wimp cowards basically. But afraid Trump’s not really that bright and not the savior. He is alpha all the way though. Alpha’s say what they feel without fear (or filter), even when it isn’t correct.

  2. Shall we look up the past (and current) statements of the other candidates? You act as if there is some amazing Conservative running that would be better than Trump. They are all weak pussies in the pocket of special interests. Trump may be too but at least he is bold.

  3. I also remember Trump trying to lamely jump on the Me Too bandwagon of whipped-up public hysteria (whipped up by the leftist media) in favor of Obama. It was on Drudge Report. Matt Drudge should dig this up and use it against Trump, as needed.

    As for the current Depression we are in 2007-2015, it’s a plain fact that Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act, given teeth during Clinton’s reign of terror, caused the ongoing economic meltdown.
    I’m 100% in favor of white collar & bluecollar workers getting home mortgages after working hard & saving hard. But for a No-Collar worker to get a no-money down variable mortgage where they could NEVER qualify for a monetarily-sane fixed-rate 20 yr or 30 yr mortgage? Oh hell no! That’s where CRA killed us.

    I no longer self-identify as a Republican. I am a proud Conservative Libertarian. Get the Gummint out of our lives and off our backs and out of our wallets.

  4. All you lemmings who are falling for his tough guy act might as well just donate to Jeb Bush’s campaign

  5. It is not hard to find something wrong with every candidate, With some its a multitude of wrong! But Trump, for all his identified faults, is for now playing a vital role in highlighting and spotlighting the current declining status of this and country and the role both politicians (and their enablers) are playing in that demise. He is
    the ‘Voice of Warning’ and, therefore, has become a rallying point for disgruntled voters and citizens. He currently is playing the Paul Revere role of sounding the alarm for some crucial issues that need to be immediately addressed and solved! That right now is far more important that anything he has been, done or will do!

  6. A ‘niggling’ part of my brain keeps telling me he’ll eventually be the Republic candidate and win. And as he’s being sworn into office he’ll take his rubber head off and he’ll say ‘April Fools!, a little early.)
    And it will be….! And then I snap out of it.
    So you can fill in the blank.
    (There’s nobody really worthwhile.)

  7. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

    Not that Trump’s perfect …

    or even good, for that matter.

    I like what he’s saying … but, as I wrote earlier, he’s somewhat mercurial.

  8. Why not Jindal as well?
    I know his “recognition” numbers are not there, but his record, while not *perfect*, is good.

  9. I know several people who used to be liberal. Then as time went on they became conservative Republicans.
    You know, they grew up.
    Maybe trump sees the world differently now.

  10. I find much of the hand-winging over Trump for our side to be pretty amusing.

    Let’s recall 2012, as painful as that might be.

    We had a candidate who was so Light Rock and Golly Gee Willikers polite that he was embarrassed shitless of his own success, allowed Harry Reid to, without base, smear him a tax cheat daily from the floor of the U.S. Senate, allow the MSM to mock his faith, dismiss him as a cruel dog owner, shame him via his wealth (i.e., since who else has a car elevator?), ridicule his wife over her horse dressage sessions that she was engaged in, BTW, as therapy for her MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, make snide comments about his one grandchild of color, malign his (correct, BTW) commentary regarding the 47% of Americans hanging from the public tit, and on, and on…

    And our candidate, amazingly, despite having savaged the Republican field earlier during the 2012 primary season, lay there and took it like a 3rd grader getting the shit kicked out of him by the Middle Schoolers.

    And you smart guys wonder why Trump is connecting now?

    We are STARVED for a LEADER. And preferably, NOT another fucking POLITICIAN.

    If Cruz or Walker or Jindal or Firina pass through, great. But right now it’s AWESOME seeing these do-nothing fuckwads get kicked in the teeth for a change.

  11. Remember Perot. The Donald looks just like the Perot ticket if he’s running as a third party. Third Party means he’s nothing more than Clinton’s little helper. I’m 56. I remember what Ross Perot did. Conservative college kids will mostly have no clue and could be suckered into the Trump mania.

    Love Trump’s current position as resident big mouth, but he’s probably only a tool. Nothing more.

    offputting and

    Shake things up.
    Touch LICK that Third Rail.
    Trash the establishment(s) on both sides.

    If “Citizenship-For-Illegals” comes to be,
    NOTHING ELSE WILL EVER MATTER in this country…as far as Conservatives are concerned.
    It WILL be “over.”

  13. Fair enough.
    That said, if it were (God forbid)
    to come to a Clinton/Bush
    (with or without Trump as third),
    I’d likely write-in Cruz or such.

  14. Love you Bad Brad, Word Sleuth. hahaha! I do agree … it is only the bait and switch quality that Perot and Trump have in common. Trump is so bombastic and glorious as a verbal force. Still… though he’s better than a butt pustule (Perot), he’s probably like ammonia. Trump’s presence is alarmingly (helpfully!) toxic and in your face at first, but the fumes disappear all too quickly.

  15. I’m going to offer this for consideration: What if there was a candidate who was running for President and he really didn’t care if you were a Democrat or a Republican? What if that candidate wanted to energize all of America?
    How would that candidate pull in votes? How would that candidate get those registered voters to change that party registration box from Democrat to Republican and vote in the Republican primary? Wouldn’t that candidate want to speak to the whole electorate?

    Fact, In the past, Donald Trump truthfully registered as a Democrat.
    Fact, In the past, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Jeb Bush, lied on their registrations.

    I’d rather support a man that speaks plainly, than a Party who embrace lies.

  16. I say trickle down economics WORKS and let the rest of the cards fall where they may. Not all inclusive though….More free market opportunity, less taxation, less entitlement. Which candidate represents this?

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