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This was THE MOMENT of the entire debate

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  1. I can see the vapor trail of the fucking RINOs rushing back in his support now. Am I wrong. Maybe not Paul Ryan. He might have already slit his wrists. Probably not McCain. Somebody will need to explain it to him. Starting to feel like a revolution. Let’s pillage the aright Scoop and take their women.

  2. The filthy cunt is having a RAGE ATTACK right now. At this very minute membranes are bursting throughout her body.

    This vile creature has bullied and destroyed people her entire

    And then came Donald….

  3. Could BFH install a side-bar button with just the “You’d be in jail” portion of the clip so we can click for a quick fix any time of the day or night?

  4. The more I see of this woman the more I need to kick someone in the throat… and those someone’s will be NeverTrump.

    For years I will be asking people if they lean right or left, and if right I will ask them if they voted for Trump. If they say no there is a good chance I will get violent.
    I’m being quite serious.
    Listen to the tone of my typing… lol

  5. She was already sounding like a jailhouse prostitute, set herself up for that one, and then Donald nailed her without even hesitating.

  6. And gentlemen in Washington now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Trump’s day.

  7. OK, Fucking Austin Goldsby is speaking positive about DJT right now. And that Cock Sucking Rino Muther Fucker Chris “I’ll Tell You What” Stirewalt does nothing but trash DJT. Same with Dana Purinna Dog Chow. These two fuckers need to switch parties. Dang I want to meet that Stirewalt asshole.

  8. Oh snap! She thought she was being so clever and cutting, she even swaggered and strutted and then he took out a pin and POP! went her pretty balloon.

  9. i was watching the fox recap and heard this dickweed tucker carlson espouse that trump did ok but will not beat hillary

    what planet am i on, i believe clinton to be damaged goods, sunk

  10. Would hate to be her flunkies tonight – she’s probably throwing everything that ISN’T nailed down at them! 😳

  11. Bad_Brad I had the same thought. My governor, our Rino Senator and our pitiful female rep all said on friday that Trump should resign. Bunch of fucking backstabbing pussies. Were they regretting it now? Who knows. Even so, they will feel the chill on Jan 20

  12. @MJA, nope, I don’t think any one has ever banged her.

    What Anon said about the rage attack. Wonder who she takes it out on first? Slick Willy or her SS protection?

  13. And this ends my long day. Go visit the Right Poop. An accurate summary iof the #NeverTrump movement. Tonight these weak sisters are all Pro Trump . I hate these ass holes. BFH, what are you waiting on? Attack these bastards.

  14. 27 days ago the nasty bitch was a slab of meat tossed in a van by ss.

    I don’t understand what drugs they plug into her to keep her alive

  15. CNN mentioned it, but I haven’t seen on network replay the time she got booed by the audience
    … was I just imagining it?

  16. I wish i could be commenting but out of town and on ann ipad that i yet dont know how to use much.

    Donald you were awesome.

  17. I’ve got to say that until this line, the she beast and the she beast defenders who were moderating were doing their best to keep it even. When the she beast spokes tool instructed the audience to stop the applause for Trump I knew they had lost control. It was so sweet, but I do feel sorry for who ever drew the short lot at the SS manpower pool. They are earning their money tonight.

    On the Monday morning side where the Donald needs my advice…During the debate when Hillary came out and said that Trump was a full owned subsidiary of Russia Inc, I was screaming at the screen wanting the Donald to make two points:

    1. Didn’t some vile Hag of a woman make the statement about having a re-set button and she was going to use it on our relationship with those wonderful Ruskies so that they will like us and everything will be sweetness and light? – Hmmm how did that turn out?

    2. Didn’t I read somewhere that the Clinton Crime Family Foundation enabled a big profit (for the Clinton’s NOT the US) deal about selling Uranium to those evil Russians?

    MSG Deplorable to the end Grumpy

  18. This is what those of us outside of the DC Rino bubble have been waiting for for years!
    A candidate who has the spine to stand up to these libidiots.
    Someone who has the balls to look them in the eye and point out their real record.

  19. Best moments:
    “You’d be in jail”
    About the moderators: “Three on one, OK.”
    Remarking on the criminally sexual DEEDS of Bubba.

    America needs President Trump, even if he Dems get a 2-yr majority in Congress.

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