Thomas set to be longest-serving justice on Supreme Court

WaEx: He faced a nasty confirmation fight and barely made it to the Supreme Court on a 52-48 vote, but Justice Clarence Thomas will get the last laugh as he closes in on breaking the record on years served.

According to an actuarial report on the high court, Thomas, 68, would be the first to serve more than 40 years if he stays on the court until he’s 83, breaking the 36-year record of Justice William O. Douglas, the famed Franklin D. Roosevelt pick.

In fact, he would break the record in 2028, after serving 37 years. At that point he would be 80.  more here

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  1. We’ll never know how many years Antonin Scalia would have served
    if he could have lived out his natural life.

  2. He’s been through so much, if I were him I’d line up to leave at the end of Trumps 7th year if a clear conservative isn’t lined up next. Go off and enjoy the rest of your life with your lovely wife.

  3. Thank you for your service, Justice Thomas.
    It must be tough to deal with some of your recently added ‘colleagues’.

  4. I remember the Clarence Thomas Senate hearing. First the Senate trashed Bork to the point of his withdrawal. Then the Democrats viciously attacked Thomas to the point of burning the cross on the Capital steps. No cries of racism, no outrage. Biden lead the witch hunt.

    “Senator, I am incapable of proving the negative.”
    The accusations were investigated by the FBI then leaked to the press.

    High Tech Lynching

  5. Congratulations to the good Judge and our thanks in helping bring clarity, common sense and a respect for the law and the constitution to the halls of the Supreme Court of the United States.

  6. @Zonga,
    that an uncouth Joe Biden, who showed then how low he’d go, could be nominated and elected VP tells you how FUBAR this country is.

  7. Didn’t he express a recent desire to leave the SCOTUS?

    It’d be a shame to lose him, but a potential boon for us deplorable types to have Trump nominate another even more conservative black Justice to the bench – via the Harry Reid option, where-in-which liberal heads will explode…….once again.

  8. @joe6pak,
    because no Senator filibustered the nomination. 60 votes are needed to override that, otherwise it can just be voted on, 51 for wins or 51 against eliminates the nominee.

    So if today’s Dems want to block a simple vote that Reps would win, one of those twatwaffles has to stand up and filibuster. What if he were to be struck by lightning? :-O

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