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Thor Loser

Glenn Beck was suspended from Sirius XM because he agreed with a comment made by writer, Brad Thor, who mused about a “patriot” stepping up to take Donald Trump out of office.


imgres THOR: People say Hillary is worse? I hate Hillary Clinton’s guts. Hillary Clinton will not do the damage Trump will do. And people are going to come back and say to you and say to me, “You guys were right. We should have listened to you. And you know what? All of those cowards that are throwing in behind Trump because he’s the Republican nominee and they say “it’s too late to do anything.” Shame on you.

That is the type of guy he is and I guarantee you, Glenn, that during his presidency, during his reign if you will – he is going to petition the American people to allow a temporary suspension of the Constitution so he can help America get back on its feet again.

He is a danger to America and I got to ask you a question and this is serious and this could ring down incredible heat on me because I’m about to suggest something very bad. It is a hypothetical I am going to ask as a thriller writer.

With the feckless, spineless Congress we have, who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his constitutional authority as President? If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as president.

If he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office? And I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.

BECK: I would agree with you on that…

HT/ fdr in hell


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  1. Brad Thor you just lost a avid reader of your works. Hope a payola from criminal Clinton family, or criminal GOP establishment was worth it. By cocksucker. 😉

  2. Beck is a lunatic, and doesn’t represent conservatives. But the dangerous part of this situation is the left perceives him as one of ours. And perception becomes reality. And reality now states, “Conservatives shall be silenced!”

  3. “…what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as president.”

    Umm… you mean like Obama did? Yeah. Call for his murder and see what happens to your shitty career Brad

  4. Don’t you just love artistic license?

    No way Lincoln was reacting like that while the fire was still coming from the gun. He would have to have pre-cognitive abilities.

  5. Convservatives don’t step up like that. If they did O would have been gone the first year.

    No, lefties are the ones that step up to murder when they’re unhappy. That’s why they want gun control. Because they know they’d shoot everyone they disagree with. Even fender benders.

  6. In 1996, 2008 and 2012 they were all about “you better vote for the RINO you’re given” because of GOP party unity. They were all pretty much Born To Loose mushy milquetoast candidates who were only aggressive against other Republican candidates.

  7. Menderman: the difference is a serious proposal to assassinate a potentially sitting president as opposed to a tongue-in- cheek “suggestion” that we tar and feather an influential imbecile who would like to see Hillary as president.

    Sheesh, the Trump Derangemnent Syndrome is strong in this one.

  8. Personally, I wouldn’t have written that title, but Czar DID put it in the form of a question.
    So did Brad Thor, technically, that is why nothing will happen to either Thor or Czar, law-wise.
    But Sirius has the right to distance themselves from whomever they choose.

    This all depends on whose ox is being gored.

    Many think Thor is right, and others think he’s a dick.
    Same with Czar.

  9. Menderman, FU.
    You’re really starting to sound like
    the crazy Lefties who
    creatively “interpret” what folks on the Right say.

    For God’s sake, get some perspective.
    In the meanwhile, take plenty of Ex-Lax.

  10. Let me get this right, Menderman:
    you DON’T see a difference between
    just not voting for Trump (you) and
    working actively to sabotage Trump (Romney, Kristol, Howe, etc).

    THEN: you get all worked up when people object to
    folks who ALLEGEDLY suggest Trump ought to be ******.

    You really got your priorities messed up, fella.

    Your spite will eat you alive,
    if you don’t stop it.

  11. Anyone who’s been awake the past 30 or 40 years KNOWS what HRC is.

    This jackass is against Mr. Trump for what he MIGHT do in his own (the jackass’s) fever dream?

    That don’t even make BAD sense.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Tim,
    I’m in complete agreement with what you’ve said.
    It makes absolutely no sense when Thor or others say Trump is worse than Hillary.

    Hillary is the absolute nightmare presidential candidate. There isn’t one issue where any conservative has a prayer of getting anywhere near the vicinity of what they would want to have happen on any issue you can name. Her record has been as corrupt as any candidate living. Her husband is simply a convenient partner in her crimes.

    Trump, meanwhile, has never held office. His campaign promises are decidedly right-wing, yet, there are people on the right who’d rather have Hillary.
    Menderman has denied this, saying that “not voting for Trump is not a vote for Hillary.”
    YES IT IS!!
    And now these fucks have evolved into openly saying that Hillary IS BETTER!!!

    Who can stand with this lunacy???

    These assholes have ginned themselves up on speculation and fantasy to the point where one of the top fucknards has openly put out the batshit crazy signal- “someone shoot this guy and you’ll be considered A PATRIOT!”

    Menderman, you stand with this??
    It certainly sounds like it.
    We run a story about Thor and your response is “Czar did it tooooo!”


    This stance is not based on logic, knowledge or rationality.
    It is PERSONAL. Period.

    This is like the movie Bully, where some kid was brought in to kill the Bully (who was not all that much of a Bully.)
    Upon meeting his mark for the first time, the killer sees the bully do something completely benign and turns to the people who hired him and earnestly says, “oh man, he deserves to die.”
    It was a suburban version of Lord of the Flies.

    Idiots are covered in mud and war paint and they’re circling the bonfire.
    Trump is not the enemy, morons.

  13. BFH, the fact is that any aware person over 40 knows EXACTLY what Trump is and what he stands for.
    Now, supposedly, he recently has seen the light and has made a 180 degree turn (except for a few dozen issues, like men in womens bathrooms. note that he has not repudiated his past either. He kind of just ignores it, like his followers do.
    Trumps past is real, just as real as Hillary’s somehow I suspect you would be suspicious if Hillary stood up and made similar claims.
    Trump has been in politics for a long time, and has a track record. Claiming otherwise is disingenuous.
    Will trump be worse than Hillary? Likely not, will he be worse for the GOP? Likely so.
    As to whether or not he will be better is a crapshoot.
    Hillary would be easier for Congress to control and restrain than Trump, Congress did a very good job of reigning her husband in. Trump has been clear on going around Congress if they get in his way (Hmmmm, who do we know that is doing that?).
    This is a tough decision, that people really need to look at.
    At this point, I lean toward Trump being the lesser of two very big evils, but not by much.

  14. BFH, I never said any of that and you know it. You know full well I was pointing out the hypocrisy. I even said Beck and Thor were dicks for going there, did you miss that? And let me remind you, many, many people said a vote for trump in the primaries is a vote for hiliary in the general. That may come true, so are all the trump voters evil for giving us yet another loser?

    I am not voting for hiliary no matter what happens, so that is most certainly not a vote for hiliary. I’m not gonna be like trump and give her money (and her husband too). Nor will I sing her praises as trump did just 4 years ago.

    I am not the only lifelong conservative that does not support trump, in fact there are many well known and highly respected people that are willing to throw away their entire lifetimes work over this issue. Do you think we are just all suddenly insane?

    Trump admits he lies to get his way, yet you believe he will stick to his “conservative” promises (seldom that I even like) after he is elected? That’s crazy.

    In the big picture, I’d rather keep both houses of congress over just having the White House. I truly believe that if trump wins, we lose both houses.

    While we are on the subject of violence, what do you trump supporters think of this picture?

  15. BFH, Trump has financially and personally supported, all though his life, the most radical leftists in politics.
    Including Hillary Clinton.
    The republicans he has supported have been in places he was trying to get permits, to my knowledge he has NEVER (even today) supported a Republican based on the Republicans agenda. He has only done that with communists and socialists.
    If I am wrong, please get the facts to me.

  16. We don’t beat progressive leftards by becoming them. No reasonable human who heard this broadcast (I did) concluded at that moment that Brad Thor was advocating the assassination of Mr. Trump. Sites such as Trumpbart and (T)rudge Report keep whipping virtual nothingburgers such as this up into something more and turning lofo’s against one another. GROW UP! Unless at this point you advocate directly for Marxism, we are all, essentially, on the same side. Quit being fooled into eating our own!

    Further, notice that SIRIUS XM only suspended The Glenn Beck Program for 1 week which just happes to be this week while Glenn is on vacation. BRAVE RATINGS MOVE!!!

  17. Hey, BFH, I thought JohnS got his ass banned? What happened to that? ANd to stay on topic, I know the article said that Beck has only been taken off the air for a week, but the rest of it DID mention that he was going to be ‘evaluated’. Hopefully this means XM will finally give his hideous butt the boot.

  18. JohnS is disingenuous.
    His argument is always dissimulation and distraction.

    Where are Trump’s “Cattle Futures?”
    Where is Trump’s “Mena?”
    Where is Trump’s “Vince Foster?”
    Where is Trump’s “Rose Law Firm?”
    When was Trump kicked off the Rodino Committee for being too sleazy for lawyers?
    Where is Trump’s “Ron Brown?”
    Where is Trump’s “Ron Brown’s Lawyer?”
    Where is Trump’s “Uranium Deal with Russia?”
    Where is Trump’s “Chinese Connection?”
    When did Trump commit treason selling Gov’t influence to Saudi Arabia?
    How many Ambassadors has Trump had killed?
    When did Trump commit treason selling missile technology to China?
    When did Trump defraud Haiti?
    When did Trump accept foreign laundered money for his campaign?

    And on and on and on …

    Fuck off …

    izlamo delenda est …

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