Thousands of Canadians Evacuated Due to Severe Flooding

ET: Thousands of Canadians have been evacuated from their homes as a result of severe flooding and rising water levels, while thousands more are working to stem the flow of water.

Across the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, thawing snow and heavy rain have led to record-high water levels in some places. Thousands of volunteers and residents, as well as the military, have been working to save homes.

The Canadian Armed Forces has deployed troops to help flood-hit regions across all three provinces. More members of the military are involved in fighting flooding in eastern Canada right now than in combat zones overseas.

“We don’t have any limit. It’s all based on the situation. If more are needed, we will always make more troops available,” Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said.

Authorities have asked homeowners in many of the at-risk areas to evacuate while the roads are still usable.

In Ontario, a state of emergency was declared in the city of Ottawa on April 25 in response to flooding of the Ottawa River, which is expected to continue rising over the next few days.

The state of emergency allows the government to seize land and force evacuations.  more


SNIP: We hope our Canadian readers are safe.

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  1. I saw a news clip about this a week ago and at the end of the clip they said Canadian authorities blame to global warming. Can you believe that? It’s spring and the heavy snow is melting. Of course there will be flooding. Eh?

  2. I remember a kid in school telling the teacher that the Nile River could not possibly flow upwards like the map indicated.

  3. If any countries have too much fresh water, Canada and Brazil would be at the top of the list. Much of it is flowing or laying around uselessly. Canada could exports millions of cubic feet of it to the US, like it does with oil, but so far doesn’t want to give it up.

    There have been engineering feasibility studies about damning up James Bay, making it salt-free, and then turning the flow southward via canals to the Great Lakes, then into the Mississippi River, then ultimately to the parched US mid-west and southwest. It’s an interesting possibility, but it would make the enviros howl in indignation at the mere thought of it.

  4. @Aaron Burr

    It can be made to flow uphill as well. Water from California Central Coast has to get up and over the mountains north of LA. It is pumped up the north side of the mountains and then flows down to LA. Motorists can see the pumping station from Interstate 5.

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