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Thug Has Two Shoot Outs with Police in Two Different States

I watched this video yesterday from police body cams in Minnesota in 2020 and Utah the following year. In both cases the perpetrator, James Howard Klein, exchanges gunshots with law enforcement.

I looked up the story of the incident in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Here and on I-15 in Utah Here. According to this article, Klein was granted bail in Minnesota on April 6th, 2021 and a little over a month later he was involved in the second shoot out in Utah.

The Hennepin County (Minnesota) Attorney at the time was Mike Freeman, but he’s retired now and has been replaced by the equally soft on crime Mary Moriarity.

The complaint against Klein in Minnesota Here

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  1. Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a while. Steals their SUV, with their pooch, and uses their rifle against them. How much you want to bet the keystone cops killed their own dog in their SUV.

  2. SURE AS FUCK AM GLAD…I didn’t go into combat with those cowardly POS untrained assholes! The Marines would have had that maggot dead and gutted before coffee break! I guess that’s what happens when you have a shit load of commie faggot shouting DEFUND THE POLICE, and this is the quality of people you get.

  3. Exactly what, pray tell, is anyone who has a single shootout with police doing being released onto the streets ever if not to increase innocent human suffering, misery and death?

    The matrix serving its Satanic master. That’s what. And there is absolutely nothing more to it than that.

  4. We’ll get used to a lot more gun fights in extremely public places. Let’s see, we have DA’s putting homicidal criminals right back in to the mix. We have the young black thugs convinced robbing, killing, rapping white people is reparations. We have a wide open border admitting several U.S. enemies young men of fighting age. A ton of those littleChineese bastards. Hell, the cartel seems tame. There’s no fucking way our country doesn’t turn into Dodge City on a Saturday night. And strangely I’m looking forward to it.


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