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Thug Will Grow Up a Moron

I have a fantasy, but I am old and I do not think it would work.

Imagine if some kid stood up and said, “STFU stupid. I’m trying to learn in order to make a success of my life. You’re heading for a life of failure, don’t bring me down with you, asshole.”

I think whoever did that would be an instant viral sensation, but with the wrong people. Older folks would cheer it, but his social life would probably be over because talking like that would make him a pariah amongst the people in his age group.

Whatever the case may be, I sure wish his face was inverted.

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  1. The problem is, from what I could see, most of those chuckleheads were laughing in amusement. Inner-city school, any bets?

    And China just sits back laughing, knowing that our takeover will occur without firing a shot, a nation too stupid to discipline their own young.

  2. “Thug Will Grow Up a Moron”
    Chances are slim to none that will ever happen if he stays on course.
    This “thug”, in this day and age won’t make it to 30. Somebody will cancel his ticket and he’ll be laying in a pool of blood wondering what he did to deserve the 3 holes in his chest.

  3. Another example of why my brother and I simply did not attend, we showed up for and took tests. This shit started in the 1970’s and by mid decade it was futile to try and learn anything. We were better off just reading the textbooks and taking the tests.

    All schools should be under local control. Period. Full stop. The shit started in Seattle and the State of Washington made sure it got pushed out State wide.

  4. What has happened to the school system?

    Used to be that ANY disruptive behavior got you taken out of class and taken out of school if it persisted. Keeping other students from learning was enough to get you kicked out of school.

    This is WAY over the line for acceptable safety of everyone in there.

    Gripe out a liberal today just for the way this had become daily fare in schools.

  5. Snatch the phone away from the student who’s recording and, with no video to post to Twitter, Instagram or TikTok (and no one recording the beat down he’s about to receive), see if he’s still ranting.

  6. I grew up in a school system that had corporal punishment.
    You would get the “STRAP” if you fucked up.
    5 on each was about the max.
    Got 2 on one for throwing a snowball.
    Lots of other stories,but by God i wish there was a way to bring back the time when Adults were Adults and Kids were Kids.
    And a backhander to the head was not assault.

  7. A straight jacket, then a dirty gym sock stuffed to his tonsils. Next, deposit him in the cafeteria dumpster and advise his guardian when the dumpster gets emptied.

  8. We had a teacher that used a canoe oar as a paddle. He drilled holes in it to reduce the air resistance. I got it once and had problems sitting for the rest of the day.

  9. I could swear i saw this video about a decade ago on the old domain. Wonder who (surely by now) taught him a little respect – mafia or military? Or perhaps he’s not moving air anymore.

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