Thunderstruck- President Donald J. Trump

Great video HERE.

Or watch on BitChute

ht/ c. steven tucker

8 Comments on Thunderstruck- President Donald J. Trump

  1. That’s the best election video I’ve seen so far this cycle.

    His re-election is going to solidify his place as the most popular president in American history.

  2. The video says 2 things: 1 is how dangerous the Democrat news and the democrats are, and 2 is how scummy the GOP is for not making videos like this.

  3. How many times does it have to be shown, told, or heard…..

    Trump45 doesn’t care about your race, sex, sexually orientation, or any other personal traits….

    Trump45 wants to use the best people available to….

    “Make America Great Again” and to…“Keep America Great”….?


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