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Tik Tok “Prankster” Shows No Remorse

As suspected, a 70 IQ.

But he does say something true – “The UK rules are weak, that’s not my fault.”

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  1. Why should he.

    He knows that he belongs to an elite class that is now beyond untouchable. He knows that he can get away with most crimes without penalty and, for the few that would penalize him, endless excuses will be made for him by those in power.

    He has no need for remorse, regret, nor conscience – he’s being rewarded precisely for not having them.

  2. I can’t bring myself to watch.
    That kid is such a dick I can’t stand the sight of him and stupid, arrogant grin.
    Someone needs to dope slap hum up the back of the head.
    By the way, where are his parents?

  3. I can’t wait until he becomes a Darwin Award winner.

  4. setting aside the weirdo, the host should be wearing a condom. continuous interruption, ask a question and don’t allow the answer – he behaves like a younger brother who can’t compete with his older brothers, but has to

    should be a host, is a pest

  5. MissInMi
    AT 6:18 PM
    “I can’t wait until he becomes a Darwin Award winner.”

    …you’ll know when that happens.

    The anti-White riots will be epic.

  6. I think most people that watch that clip are missing the entire point of irony.

    Pierce Morgan is thinks the other guy is an idiot.

    Pot meet Kettle?

  7. Strangely, I’m cool with him losing his eternal life of peace with his creator because of his beliefs.

    As a Christian, I’m also cool with with me still going to heaven despite his wrongful beliefs and my inability to influence that choice.

    I’m dusting my feet at this point.

    I’m good.

  8. I have NO idea just who the fuck that is and why I should even give a shit!

  9. ^^^^ Thanks for letting us know. Now I can sleep tonight.

    These are the exact people Pierced Organ has advocated for for ever. Now he has a problem with them. Really?

  10. Giving the little punk a public platform will just encourage more just like him.

  11. Stomp his head flat and throw his carcass in the Thames. That is the only way to deal with dindus like that.

  12. ^^^
    Just throw him in the Thames. You know he can’t swim.

  13. If nothing else, he’s the absolute proof that there are no men in England. Nothing but women and cucks.

  14. Dr. Hambone, lol! When one of my sons was in Navy boot camp he called and said the stereotypes were true.

    He was also disappointed in the high jump.
    It was only a 10 ft high diving board. Wimpy in his opinion


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