TikTok star gets something removed from her butt – IOTW Report

TikTok star gets something removed from her butt

And it’s not her head. Find out what it is here

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  1. They could’ve at least gave us the name of the batteries, it was still buzzing upon removal. That would’ve made quite “the plug” for that company

  2. Holy shit! Chances are there’s a tic tok video of the action. People are sick, sick I tell ya!

  3. I’ve acquired enough information from the comments here. Thanks you guys for taking one for the team.

  4. Back almost 40 years ago I had a roommate that was a RN at the local hospital. He had a story about a guy that was dumped at the door of the ER. Apparently a 8″ vibrating dildo got lost in his ass. It had lodged against his prostate and he was in constant orgasm. They were able to sedate the guy and fish it back out. Anything removed was supposed to sent to pathology. My roommate left it on, put it in a hazmat bag and shot it through the air tube to pathology. He was the hero of the ER that week.

  5. just got a great dildo marketing idea: “now w/ built-in tampon string for your convenience … avoid all those embarrassing trips to the ER … go to MyDildo dot com.”

    probably be a best-seller … “order now & get a second one free! … just pay a small shipping & handling fee”

  6. My buddy, an ER doctor removed a 4x6x9 inch toolbox from a guy’s asshole, and it was full of mechanics tools. His boyfriend had shoved it up there. Another time he looked up the asshole of another guy whose boyfriend had shoved a Barbie doll up his ass. That one was brought in comatose and in septic shock with a perforated asshole.

    I dated a gal who was a pharmacist and while waiting for her to get off work was looking around and analyzing the situation. There are six aisles in the retail pharmacy section. One complete aisle is dedicated to nothing but broken or malfunctioning assholes. That should clue anyone who might be in the dark that your asshole isn’t a toy.

  7. Met a morgue driver from L.A. who transported a corpse…..with the vibrator up his butt still on.

    I would have had to pull over and laugh, possibly turn the stereo up full volume.

    Dude wasn’t traumatized or anything, but he never forgot it.
    Plus, he claimed he wasn’t the only one to have had that experience.

    Go figure.

  8. Beachmom, it’s just like lib politicians, a resume enhancement. She’s a tic tok star, it’s all good.

  9. @General Malaise ~ reminds me of the Christopher Walken bit in ‘Pulp Fiction’ …
    “I wore this unpleasant hunk of metal up my ass for three years. And, now it’s yours”.

    Timex … takes a lickin’ & keeps on tickin’

  10. @Brown Eyed Girl ~ LMAO … I keep thinking, what sort of situation (or position) I would have to be in to read your tattoo?

    … gotta start partying where you hang out … for sure 😉

  11. Stunned you E.R. people have seen this. More than once.

    Legit thought the morgue dude from 15 years ago was B.S.ing.

    But….(no pun intended) you guys say this happens sorta’ often!?!?!?

    Wow. Just….wow

  12. Honest Doc, I have no idea how that got up there.
    It was a one in a million shot!

    I think that was Fusilli Jerry

  13. My doctor friend has removed a fleet of Hot Wheels from women’s vaginas.
    Interestingly enough, most of these women are Hispanic?

    “Baby you can drive my car…”

    Actually govt will try and solve this saying Latinx women can’t afford vibrators and thus pledging 27 billion to “Vibes for Latin Ho’s holes”

  14. And yet, “I fell/sat on it” continues to be the most likely cause of these things happening.

  15. Walking through the ER and was grabbed by the Chief Trauma surgeon. He pulled me into a room and stuck an x-ray in the viewer and asked “what do you think?” I replied someone took an x-ray with a flashlight on his lap or stuck up his chute. Exasperated, the doc said “No! It’s up there but we are taking bets on whether it’s on or off when we get to it!” Things were so much fun back then in healthcare!

  16. @Gen’l Malaise

    Timex: I’t takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

    If she wants it to keep ticking, she has to lick it, or find someone else to lick it.


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