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I’ve peed everywhere, man!

TMZ: A person cops believe to be responsible for shooting a Johnny Cash silhouette, causing a hilarious leak, is in custody and facing felony charges. more. h/t PHenry

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  1. How dumb are these people? The leak can be stopped with a wooden plug and a maul very quickly until a more permanent repair can be made. It’s one of the ways HAZMAT teams stop chemical leaks in industrial plants. No need to be losing 30,000 gallons every day.

  2. Funny, but of course I gotta do math because I’m racist.

    30k gal per day is 20.8 gal per minute.

    Assuming high pressure (right under the tank), a 1/2″ pipe will flow at 21 GPM. Average pressure (let’s say right at tank level), the same 1/2″ pipe will flow 14 GPM.

    What it means is assuming the highest pressure in the water system, he would have made a 1/2″ hole minimum, so he shot it with a .50 BMG. Or a 0.7-inch slug for average water pressure.

    Or the 30k/gal per day estimate is an overestimate.

  3. I’ve added quite a few names recently to my literal “Bucket List” the past couple years.
    P.S. Is their an actual rule that requires they be deceased?

  4. @ecp…

    Remember, there are journos—TMZ journos, no less—and government “officials” between us and the water tank, so all math is suspect.

  5. The fix is relatively cheap but waiting on a certified minority hole fixer with the right pronouns for their or it’s name is a costly and more difficult process.

  6. bullshit … all you gotta do is make a small calculation & reset the altitude valve that feeds the elevated tank to a level below the hole & the tank will just drain back into the system

    modern water system elevated tanks are installed so water companies can pump water in at night hours, where electric rates are lower. the altitude valve will release water during the daytime where water usage is higher without paying higher daytime electric rates. water pumps take a lot of juice to keep a system charged.

  7. Idiots do this constantly. The jurisdiction or water districts don’t make it news because of copycats. The guys on the other side of the building deal with that stupid shit multiple times every year. Most of the rounds don’t penetrate. The ones that do they deal with on the QT.

  8. oops, I meant General Malaise

    EDIT BUTTON!!!! … have noticed no one does edit buttons anymore …. things are so much better these days. … as Dr. Zhivago said, “yes, better Comrade”

  9. Just think what a good shot that vandal is when he’s sober.

    City libs got no idea how much target practice is going on in the hinterlands..

  10. Back in the day we made biofuel from veg oil.
    My friend was hauling used vegetable oil and the trailer axel spring broke and 3 drums came out of the trailer and one of them spilled 30 gallons on the road. The city already had a company lined up to do spills so as the man was sucking it up he ask him how much he was charging? 1200.00 bucks but he couldn’t let him pay him.
    Bill from the city was 12k.
    So 5k he may of got off easy? But they aren’t through with him yet.
    Kind of a dumb thing to do.

  11. This wouldn’t have happened if the image of Johnny Cash had been wearing armor plated underwear.


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