With PA GOP Senate Primary Too Close to Call, Allegheny County Halts Counting Until Friday – IOTW Report

With PA GOP Senate Primary Too Close to Call, Allegheny County Halts Counting Until Friday

UPDATE 10:51 a.m.: They’re continuing to count the votes in Pennsylvania and the race has not yet been called. Some pundits are saying that the outstanding votes (a mix of mail-in and day-of votes) will benefit McCormick, but that’s yet to be determined. Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburg, has said that they will not be counting any more votes until Friday. There are also some troubling issues with memory sticks that were improperly handled:

27 Comments on With PA GOP Senate Primary Too Close to Call, Allegheny County Halts Counting Until Friday

  1. ..here we go again…we’ve learned NOTHING and fixed NOTHING, and obviously they aren’t afraid of us.

    Steal in progress.

    No one stopping it.

    …November Democrat landslide on the way…

  2. Brought to you by The Take In The Butt Party trying to pass itself off as our representation!

    OTOH DJT saw it coming, warned us exactly what would happen and then WHEN HE HAD THE POWER, did squat.

    I’m a huge fan of his but I can’t believe DeSantis would have say on his hands. Might be too late to find out now.

  3. Precious Democracy…

    You know it’s over when it can’t hold an honest election any more.

    And if democratic elections don’t work, then neither does the Republic government for which those elections were held.

  4. No Burr, 990 cubic ft/minute has a point.
    I will answer him:
    The objective is to sow chaos in an effort to dampen the republican enthusiasm towards the November election, making folks say “why bother voting?”
    It’s also important that they stay frosty when it comes to ballot harvesting & election theft.

  5. ^ So, your Fnucky’s agent?! 🙂

    Burr, in response to cfm90, I had typed, “What if it’s not the Dem’s doing the cheating?” – and then erased it.

    But, yeah, cfm90’s comment was precariously – if not insightfully – inciting.

  6. I’ll take – What would our forefathers to start shooting the bastards by now? For a thousand Alex

  7. Never forget that without Republican establishment enabling it to happen this would have never gotten started in the first place.

    The Washington State 2004 Gubernatorial daylight election theft is the template The Party (Democrats, Republican establishment, media and big tech) have been following for the last eighteen years.

  8. It’s a Republican primary. The democrats aren’t chea…err, counting these ballots. Don’t be surprised if the black women comes from behind and wins this one, though.

  9. Pittsburgh attempts to replace Philthadelphia in election corruption( and is winning in this election!!!)

    With slimy Dr. Ooze being the weaker candidate, clearly, they’re trying to photocopy up some more votes for him!!! 😡

  10. Do you actually believe “build back better” actually had anything to do with building anything?

  11. At least in Allegheny County, there weren’t enough ballots to use. In the area I worked, we ran out of Democrat ballots (Go figure) by 7:30 and had to use Express Vote. Another area ran out of Republican ballots. The packs were supposed to be 50 ballots but were missing a number of ballots.

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