Tillerson Was on the Toidy When He Learned He Was Fired?


This is such an oddball piece of news. Normally I would not post something like this, but what I’m fascinated by is the only way a story like this could be leaked (swidt?) is if Rex Tillerson told everyone.

Like, you wouldn’t know if I was on the toilet while wriing this ppst unlss I mntioahhhhh…. mentioned it.


23 Comments on Tillerson Was on the Toidy When He Learned He Was Fired?

  1. Sh*tcanned on the sh*tcan? Who’d admit being on the terlit? That’s absolutely abturd.

  2. If you’re going to answer the phone while on the toilet, why would you tell the person on the other end that you were on the toilet?

  3. Man, I hate it when that happens!

    Thas why I actwally poop in the pool, mosttimes …………. so that, y’know, I don’t get no bad news – an stuff ………

  4. What is really weird is that Trump was on the toilet when he fired Tillerson.

    And even more amazing is that Putin was on the toilet when he told Trump to do it!

    And the most totally unique fact in this story is that the reporter was on the crapper when he thought up the story in the first place.


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