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Time Wants to Make Today Earth Day a Religious Holiday

Paul Greenberg and Carl Safina


Earth Day is upon us—that forlorn little non-holiday that some years sandwiches itself between Easter and Passover, or other years trails in the wake of those “real” holidays. If the Super Bowl is America’s unofficial national day of celebration, Earth Day is the collective yawn that brings a shrug. No recipes offer Earth Day chips and dips to serve when friends and beloveds gather in celebration of the miracle of a living planet. Because they don’t. Not even ours.

For the two of us environmentalists—one of us nominally Jewish, the other a recovering Catholic—we find the ill-defined nature of the only day honoring the place that makes life itself possible more than a little sacrilegious. So, on this 53rd Earth Day we thought it useful to pose what a real Earth Day should represent and how it could form a central time for a new approach to worship. More

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  1. On a more realistically defined Earth Day, we should be sending thank you cards and gifts to oil drillers, coal miners, farmers (of both food and trees), fishermen, dam builders, and everyone who makes life better through responsible stewardship and efficient extraction and use of natural resources.

    (but only those who haven’t gone “woke”)

  2. They traded the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped created things, instead of the Creator who forever shall be praised
    Romans 1:25.

    Leave it to the death cult to promote something for a holiday, that was founded by a dude who murdered his girlfriend.

  3. Did we miss celebrating Ol’ Ira’s death.
    He kicked off in 2020. I know we were neck deep in all the scamdemic crap, but a small celebration would have been nice.

  4. if they were to make it a holiday, it should be on a set day. They’ll monetize any holiday they would create, and have it be on a weekend, so it wouldn’t interfere with corporate America and having to give employees a paid day offf. The original earth day (I was there in Fairmount Park) was on April 20, so they should use that date, which, of course, is also hitler’s birthday, and they know that.

  5. eat hearts of palm salad (need to cut down a palm tree), shark fin soup (fights cancer), pate de fois gras (gotta force overfeed a goose), and veal (the Biblical fatted calf) for Earth Day

  6. Clair turned Time into an arm of the liberal propaganda machine 63 years ago. It was owned by he dim witted, but very rich – Biden like- husband. Clair fucked may rich and famous men other than her Biden like husband. on of the “lovers: was Joe Kennedy. She would be an “advisor” to his son JFK from 1960 to 1963. She was a “Bush Republican” before Bush.

    For those <60 JFK WAS not republican!

    It took me 3 years to realize the far left "news" articles in 'Time were not "aberrations" but the new "norm" I canceled my subscription in 1963!

    Time is still the liberal FAKE NEWS mag Clair turned it mint 3 years ago.


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