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Time’s Up Numb Nuts

The hackers who broke into Ashley Madison have dumped 9.7 gigabytes of data on the internet. There is information on 32 million of the 40 million subscribers to the infidelity website.


The hackers claim that most of the female profiles are fakes and that “90-95% of the actual users are males.”


The data thieves discovered that users wanting to delete their information paid a $19 fee to do so, then Avid Life Media (the owners of Ashley Madison) kept the information anyway.

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  1. My inner geek started downloading the dump because I like sifting thru data. Then I remembered it’s a beautiful day and there are better things to do. I must be getting as old as you guys.

  2. How great! This could cause more hell, death & destruction than the Julian Assange hack & to those who most richly deserve it. What morons put evidence of their betrayals on the Internet? Could be some very interesting names in that data. All their Christmas’ came at once for the divorce lawyer industry. Pass the popcorn please.

  3. Government whores soliciting prostitutes…….weird.

    I’m listed in the IRS, NSA, FBI, ATF, VA and other government data bases but I missed this one.

    After dealing with the IRS, I couldn’t afford what they’re selling anyway.

  4. I knew it was a scam when my alias, Reggie Love, kept getting instant messaged back by a skinny big eared articulate male negro. Maybe I should have used Mooch Man instead, or Uncle Joe Biden.

  5. Geez…
    …some people try the CRAZIEST names to cover their “naughty” activities!

    I mean…WHO on earth would ever know who
    MISTER PIXEL@iotwreport

  6. More like “it depends on your definition of “e-mail”.

    Or to quote Huma’s Weiner “my account got hacked”.

    To which we say: yes, yes it actually did this time.

  7. My guess is that anyone who has to resort to that website to get laid isn’t close to a 2 as in 1-10. Plus, they have to be zero’s in the smart department for using their business emails.

    They were aiming to “expose” themselves in the first place.

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