Tlaib: Let’s Take Money from Rich, Give It ‘Back to the People that Earned It’

Does this spaz even hear herself speak?


Far-left “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) spoke at the NAACP convention over the weekend and railed against the GOP tax cuts in a pitch for her anti-poverty BOOST Act, promising to take money from the rich and give it “back to the people that earned it.”

Tlaib introduced her anti-poverty legislation – the Building Our Opportunities to Survive and Thrive (BOOST) Act – last month and spoke about it at the NAACP convention over the weekend. The proposal offers a guaranteed income – up to $6,000 per year – to families and individuals under certain financial thresholds via a “refundable tax credit that can be paid monthly.”

The Michigan lawmaker’s BOOST Act serves as her response to what she calls the “GOP Tax Scam,” despite the fact that two-thirds of Americans will pay less in taxes in 2018, thanks to the tax cuts.

“Recently, I introduced the Boost Act. This legislation completely repeals the GOP Tax Scam that is only helping wealthy individuals – the rich, the corporations,” she told the crowd.

“And do you know what I did with that money? Do you know what I said? We’re going to go ahead and put it in the pockets of folks like everyday Americans,” she said, noting that families making less than $100,000 could get up to $6,000 per year.

Taking the moral route, Tlaib said it is important to give money back to the people who actually “earned” it, suggesting that wealthy individuals do not earn or deserve to keep the fruits of their labor. more here


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24 Comments on Tlaib: Let’s Take Money from Rich, Give It ‘Back to the People that Earned It’

  1. That’s like giving tax cuts to people who don’t pay taxes.

    @richtaylor probably agrees with her.

  2. These crazies are like a plague running through the country. The question is will we survive it.

  3. How about fines and jail for every politician and judge who violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Retroactive to the day they took office.

  4. After the Democrats have turned everything they touch to shit, they feel the need to turn that shit into something else. But what can you turn shit into?

    A fan.

  5. Brainwashed throughout her youth, she was not strong enough, mentally, to break those shackles. Not an excuse, just a diagnosis. Anger + Unfairness can be powerful to a young mind. But most of us mature past that during developmental years in our teens. Some never do.

  6. @Jimmy:

    You can always turn feces back into Democrats! It’s being done everyday by the Marxist media!!

  7. Worthless Congress critters are very well off with their enlarged salaries and Cadillac benefits (given to them mostly for abject failure)! Lets reassign it all back to the ones who earned it, i.e., the taxpayers and allow all public officials to become true blue and unpaid public servants!!

  8. I agree with Dennis Prager that she and the other gang of 4 are all a bunch of ungrateful malcontents who will piss and moan that everything is not fair except for their outrageous and absurd solutions to end human misery. I can’t stand a damned one of them, they offer no solutions except to make everyone equally miserable.

  9. I would much rather take ‘brain matter’ from the intelligent and give it to the stupid in hopes of having a, (hopefully), balanced field of understanding.

  10. Other than the hopelessly handicapted
    show me
    person on lifelong welfare
    who has earned

    ANYTHING !!!!!!!

  11. Let’s take dipshiite mohammedans, load them into catapults, and fire them back at Asscrackistan! 😀

    No one’s TRIED it yet, so how do we KNOW it won’t be an improvement, HMMMMM? 🤔

  12. Right out of the Communist Manifesto. Let no one mistake the Rainbow-Unicorn loving crowd with freedom. They are democrats in name only, and tyrants in thin disguise.

  13. Taking a chapter from the Al Sharpton Guide to Charitable Taking; Bitch about rich people and taking “it” back from them, eventually rich people will pay for you to shut up.


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