Inspiration from the Elderly

Found on Twitter from @GretchenInOK

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  1. @Uncle Al:

    The leftist Democraps also love to convert constitutional public policy into feces!

  2. ^ Uncle Al, but do you do that “every day?” 🙂

    And Claudia, I didn’t think you drank! Just for the record my second favorite beverage after coffee is milk. Hard booze is out for this old man.

  3. I am just thankful since that since I had an issue with a distended bladder last Fall that I no longer have to take Flomax and Lasix. That was the worst short of an UTI which are not fun and I didn’t like to have to wear a catheter for a week. All is well for now till next time which I hope will never come. I have what is commonly called OGS, old guys syndrome which cause me to pee a lot. Growing older is not for wimps. But on the bright side I like being older cause I don’t have to worry about things as much as I used to, I may be 66 but for the most part I don’t feel like it.

  4. When my grandparents were in their 60’s and 70’s they were old, old and they all died in their early 70’s. Of course if I had to live thru the Depression and World Wars 1 & 2 I would’ve aged a lot faster like they did. We baby boomers have had it easy for the most part compared to our parents and grandparents overall. So far their children, my parents and uncles and aunts all lived into their 80’s and 90’s and dad’s oldest brother lived to be 99. So I plan on being here for quite a while yet. I have at least 4 granddaughters and hopefully more grandchildren to come who I want to see grow up to be mature and become normal young adults. I am more of an optimist than a pessimist even in these difficult times.

  5. Beer doesn’t even have to change color.
    In recent years, I had often urges but little flow, but last year got the old prostate reamed out – not a fun experience, but the flow is back.

  6. you guys remind me of the old Hollywood Squares joke …

    Gene: “true or false, a pea can last a thousand years?”
    George Gobel: “sometimes it feels that way”

  7. Beers at night makes me get up ‘earlier’ then next morning rather than later! Pssssss….other than that, all good.

  8. Jimmy, I don’t drink, either. It’s water, coffee and tea for me. Never did like drinking and only played with it for a few years when I was younger. I like being in control of myself! 😉

  9. How many of you know that Jonathan Winters was on TV with Jack Parr?
    How many of you know who Jack Parr was?
    How many of you know why Jack Parr was fired?
    I know. Get back to me if you know Jack Parr and why he was fired.
    See just how far we have advanced as a Nation.

  10. Jack Paar??? … wasn’t he the reason Johnny Carson is now considered the greatest ‘Tonight Show’ host?

    … who was also on TV w/ Jonathan Winters 😉

  11. old Irish joke …

    Pat: Mike, me friend, as a personal favor when I go to me reward in heaven I want you to pore a 5th of good Irish whiskey one me grave once a month as a remembrance of me
    Mike: why it would be an honor, me old pal … just one thing … hope you don’t hold it against me that I’ll be filtering it through me kidneys first

  12. Hey C!

    Tea, a protein homemade drink and maybe a cup of cawfee (once in a while) from 8-6. On the weekends the same though at five o’clock, it’s like a ‘shift change’ to beer. Mrs. G laughs at me…

    BTW, I ‘like being in control of myself’ too! Never liked ‘booze’. But I LOVE Chocolate Milk U-Bet Syrup.

    I should probably drink some more water…

    @ Molon Labe- funny! I can hear that with a brogue.


  13. Moe,
    Host of the Tonight Show after Steve Allen before Johnny Carson
    WC*water closet) joke.
    *toilet reference

  14. Moan Lobe. Answer my Goddamn questions, don’t ask me a question in response, like a damn liberal! LOL

  15. I think I need to start drinking beer. The pelvic floor therapist told me coffee, tea and even seltzer water annoy and inflame an angry bladder.

    What’s left to drink?

  16. Imagine, Jack Parr made a WC (Water Closet, toilet) joke and got fired. Scumbag Colbert called President Trump a “cock Holster” for Putin and he is still on the air. That’s my point Moan Lobe and all here.
    I’m just trying to educate you younguns

  17. Old, just had a pacemaker injected, yes, injected, cutting edge.
    Looks like a silver June bug, they insert it IN your heart, through your femoral.
    Puts pee puns in perspective.
    Flowmax and Lasix, I ride that merry-go-round every night, Geoff.


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